Optoma HD39HDR

Author : Efrain Silva

What is it?

It’s an Optoma projector. It costs like $750. But is it for gaming, though? That’s the big question.

Why is it good for gaming?

When I tried this projector, I verified, for myself, that it is for gaming : It is wonderful, to be frank. Literally, I was physically present, but in my mind, I was elsewhere. That’s how good the immersive, quality theatre - like home sound was.

The first thing I noticed here was, even before buying it, I read the label and found the refresh rate to not be bad at all : 120 Hz. And I also saw a good 4,000 lumens (which, when I tried it for myself and, made all the difference). I also quickly fell in love with the 1.3X, often zooming in on enemies from far away and then preparing my weapon of choice with which to take them out. This inarguably bought me some time and helped me make some of my moves in advance, which certainly helped in some of the harder levels of the many games I’ve played…

I’ve played, by the way, Skyrim, Elder Scrolls, Minecraft PC, Halo, Legend of Zelda, Mario and many other titles, thus far…and I intend to take this projector for a spin, once more, when I get a chance (and keep playing some other great titles with it). It has really projected the game’s image onto the wall in front of me in a crisp, catchy, clashy way that I can not turn away from to look elsewhere ; the detailed, bright colors really catch my eye movements and keep them looking right on at the screen. There is so much to look at, in the world of video games, much more when the view is enlarged (plus, you even notice things you may not have elsewhere when just playing on a tiny mobile phone, a computer screen or even a large TV). The difference is there.

You can make the screen project itself as small as 30 inches (perhaps for when you really need to focus on what is ahead of you and not get distracted by all else on the screen) or as large as 300 inches (for when you want to think big, or perhaps even have friends over for multi - player). And does this item come with HDR 10+ capabilities? Yes, it sure does! You also get 4K input.

It’s got a very long lamp life, by the way, as Amazon and eBay will also not deny : And this further implies that you get about, at max, 15,000 amazing hours. Add to that the approximate equivalent of about 4 hours in terms of viewing time (on just a daily basis) for a decade and longer. This product has a long shelf life, all in all. It is expected to last at least that long, but if you should have any issues with it, you can buy a 3 - year insurance plan with it for like $75 (worth it).