Is It Worth Getting a Switch Pro Controller?

Author : Efrain Silva It is absolutely worth getting a nice controller like this one, so be ready to drop the extra $70+ and have yourself one dancing swell heck of a time, as I like to say. Any true Nintendo fan will appreciate all that they can get out of it — value, value, value! Let’s talk more…

So first of all, here you can see that this controller comes with two nice analog sticks and looks similar to many other great console controllers. You’ve got 4 great face buttons, as well as a D - pad, not to mention a few other solid navigational and shoulder buttons to go along with it. It’s a decently big, semi - heavy controller but worth it. You connect through computer and bluetooth as well!

Now, then, anyone who likes to play on a TV screen of any size (I definitely fit into that package, especially when I race against my friends in any Mario Kart game) needs to have one of these controllers to make the experience all the more “worth it”, in my opinion. Think of it like this : You would be paying the appx. $70 one time in order to get a lifetime of value from it, ongoing play experiences that will stay with you for many great moments. So it’s an investment, and like any investment, you usually pay upfront and then see the value of it surely come to pay off by itself over time.

To have your Joy - Cons docked and charged up, nice and neatly, always, it’s good to have one of these controllers as backup, too. Have something ready to go at all times. Be prepared. Plus, you won’t have to disconnect and re - attach each and every single time ; just think about that, and you know you will be saving yourself a world of pain, much less annoyance and hassle. Get straight to playing your games!

It’s got a dual - shock - like sort of pad that keeps your hands so comfy as you play on and on and on. Many hours at a time, I held this controller in my hands and played a bunch of different Switch games, finding I was comfortable as ever and had no problems. If you’re in handheld mode, most of the time, then you’ll like this controller — that is how I’ve spent many hours, myself, when on the Switch. I will say this, though, just to be mindful of (and it hopefully shouldn’t change your perspective on the matter too much)…..

If you’re used to using Joy Cons, it may take a bit to get used to this controller. But don’t sweat it : Put in enough hours of practice using it, and in no time, I’m sure you’ll get acquainted with your new buddy. This controller, indeed, is a good friend to have at your side and worth the cost. So check it out when you can, and tell your friends to get one, as well! It can’t hurt, and you’ll have a new experience, too.