How to Unlock Armor in Halo 5

Author : Efrain Silva

If you, like many Halo 5 gamers today, are about on level 7 or such, and still have not unlocked any armor of any kind, then do not fret — you would not be alone. Many of us have been there. Many still find themselves there. So let me tell you a bit on what you need to know….

To get this armor, plain and simple, you just have to be sure to open up the REQ packs. What the heck am I talking about? Well, you know, I refer to using up those REQ points you’ve accumulated throughout the game, thus far. And if you still do not know what I am talking about here, then you have likely just recently gotten the game and not gotten that far, so don’t worry about it yet (but still keep in mind what I am going to keep sharing with you here in this quick blog, for it can come in handy when you are ready to cross that bridge and unlock your REQ packs). Either way, keep this info. all handy in the back of your mind….

Start first with silver. Once you’ve got that 3,000 RP refund, you can then proceed to opening up some gold. This will, in turn, ensure that you move from just unlocking anything common - to - rare and instead have the potential for ultra - rare - to - legendary. DO NOT avoid, as best you can, starting off on the right foot (with bronze, for instance, as this can actually send you all the useful REQs and boosts first instead). Also, here is another bit of advice — when you play in the Warzone, know that you’re not totally “good for nothing” and useless. In fact, bronze packs will even help you get some of the very best REQ’s for this part of the game.

Indeed, Warzone is at its best, in this game, thanks to Speed Boost, not to mention Carbine and even Railgun, respectively. But there’s more. Now, this next part might either make you sad, glad, angry, or a mix of all three….

There’s a certain, very specific armor set for this game that you can only get if you had pre - ordered the game directly from your local Game Stop before it came out. It’s known as the Hunter Armor. Bummer, many of us missed out on it, but that’s life.

There was also the Athlon Armor, which you could only have gotten through pre - ordering the game through — guess who? Best Buy! Yup, one of my favorite stores.

Also, if you happened to play this game just before November 7 of 2015, you would also be able to unlock the Teishin Armor. That’s pretty neat, right? There are several other unlockable and impossible to unlock (under certain circumstances) armor types in this game, but this was all intended to just give you a brief idea.

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