How to Use Keyboard and Mouse on Xbox One Fortnite

Author : Efrain Silva

Fortnite is an amazing game and I know that I don’t even do it justice just to say that — it is far more than that. It is a better Xbox One game than many can tell, and this is how I best like to play it on this console….with a keyboard and mouse connected. In fact, I sometimes feel there is no better way to really make the most of the gaming experience than like this…..but to each his own opinion, I will say.

Now, then, know that if you choose to play the game this way on the Xbox One, you’ll get to play with other players who have also opted - in for this option….yup, each and every single one of them is also playing with keyboard and mouse. So you’ve got all the geniuses together in a single experience, so to speak. He heh.

Now did you know that this control option is growing in popularity? I guess that is why more and more gamers go out and get a keyboard and mouse, and especially when going through this highly - popular game, all in all. Most players feel it is an investment that would be a crime not to make. Thus they buy.

DO note the following, too, by the way, as it can be very important (and you may even be reading this article for your child, who plays Fortnite, instead of you, and that’s perfectly okay) : If you’re in Fortnite and on a child account, make sure to have enabled your rightful settings so that you can play through what they call cross - network so that you can properly use that keyboard and mouse in the first place.

Now, plug in your keyboard, as well as your mouse (or mice, if using several players) into the console by USB (the preferred option here, if you can’t a nice USB extender + adapter, remembering that Xbox One built - in USB ports are in very short supply….use the ones built on your console sparingly, as best as you can). Now, configuring the mouse itself requires you to actually press down on that main, central Xbox button your control. It’s right in the middle ; get to your settings and then devices & connections.

Select your mouse as you see it there on the screen. Then, have some fun in choosing the 1st and 2nd type of buttons by order or relevance and overall importance — we all play Fortnite differently, so configure things the way you’d feel most comfortable when using these buttons and commands in actual gameplay, that is all I can say. Also, you get options, in this screen, on how to swap these out when you want to…add, remove, and more. Pick wisely.

Not only that, but you also get to select the mouse pointer speed you like. Like I said, choose what is most comfortable. There is no right or wrong there — you get to decide what that would be, my dear friend.