How to Vote Kick Players in Mordhau the Easy Way

Author : Efrain S.

So suppose you have a player, or two, or three, or many more, who just do not belong or are not playing ‘nice’, per say…. did you know that you can vote together with all other players on whether or not to kick them out of the group / game / co – op? Yup, like many other new games with this option, now, Mordhau is no different and lets you really decide who belongs and who does not, he he he heh. So if you notice that you are no longer connected, then maybe better think about the way you’ve been chatting or fighting, he he heh.

Anyways, there IS a way to do this, and it is not as you might have thought ( you may have likely tried other wise but to no avail, right? ) : It is easy and simple, here. What you have to do is to make your main console’s screen come up and then put in a command and it should start the process of vote – kicking for you. But how does this work, in more detail?

Well, to break it down, it goes like this — bind the console command to a certain key of your choice ( for instance, F3 ) . Open the install files on your game and find this one : Steam\steamapps\common\Mordhau\Mordhau\Config

From there, right click defaultinput.ini. It’s in the Configuration folder ( you can open it with Note Pad, which is the easiest and most convenient way here ) . The key binding completed, and you now knowing where the files are at, any time you want to vote kick a certain player, you just tap on that assigned console key, then type votekick playername before finishing it off and hitting Enter ( make sure you are certain you want to boot that person before hitting Enter, he heh, no 2nd thoughts ) . Then, once sure you really want to proceed, type exactly what the player’s name is, in perfect precision to how it is displayed on the screen, with symbols, upper – lower case, etc. But if it’s a lot to type, or they have a really long and annoying name ( to add to the drama of it all, and your reason for booting them off, he he he heh ) , then you can just type in ‘playerlist’ into the console + ‘Enter’…. to find the player by his or her number instead and then just type in their number to vote kick them. Easy, peezy, no?

Want to avoid being that person who gets booted out? Take the Friendly perk, which will reduce any ‘friendly fire’ damage you can cause your friends, if any of your projectiles should hit them by accident. It can’t hurt to have. Friendly fire is an issue in this game, and you have been the victim of it, more likely more than once. But this perk can help reduce the damage by a full 50 % .