Author : Efrain Silva

What is it?

It’s a projector. It’s really nice. It’s being sold for more than $17,000 online, so you know it means serious business in the world of projector gaming (do we have any gamers in the house?)! We’re going to talk about it some more in this blog, so don’t turn off your computer screen or go anywhere….you will want to stick around to read all that follows here….

Why is it good for gaming?

This product blows many others out of the water, to be quite clear, and that alone is the reason $17,000 is just a ballpark figure for its minimum price (some sites or stores selling it for more than that amount) in new condition. Now, what also blows my mind is this : It is made by the JVC brand, one of the very best brands you can think of in this world….at least, for modern entertainment and in - home tech. Also, do not miss this —- it weighs a full 48 lbs. & you might be wondering, “What is it full of? Rocks?”.

Ha ha. That’s a good guess. But no, seriously, I take the fact that it is not light - weight as a positive sign, and here is what I mean by that : It must be chock full of good hardware and internal software, many things it can offer to its buyer, all packed into a projector box. And also consider gaming consoles like some of Microsoft’s, which hold some of the fastest computer gaming chips, cards and processors all within their database….Xboxes, for instance, are not too light, but that can be a good thing.

This product engages a D - sub hardware interface, by the way, since I did mention hardware….and it is as good as they get these days…

And you are going to love me for the next part : You can get resolution as good as 8192 x 4320 (at the absolute max, and you will need to study your manual and check your settings for how to engage this high - res). Yup. I did say this correctly ; you did read correctly. We’re talking “best of the best” here, as President Trump would say. Internally, the product also boasts of some of the best HDMI x 2 for input connectors as well as solid frame packing….to be a bit more specific, top - to - bottom, half, and side - to - side are all engaged here.

And we’re talking 40,000:1 in terms of high - contrast ratio. What’s the peak brightness, you ask? I thought you never would…

That’s 1,800 lumens. There are brighter ones, of course, but this is not bad at all. You can certainly still jump on the edge of your gaming chair a few times! I know that I have, but I’ve always managed to get back to reality. You will not be put to shame in placing an order. I hope you brought some popcorn and a good headset with you — fun is just around the corner!