Nintendo Switch Car Mount

Author : Efrain Silva

Love to ride in your car as you go places? Or are you the one driving? In that case, love to have your children entertained (and not making a mess or fuss, he he heh) as they ride in the back while you drive peacefully to wherever your destination may be? As a parent, nothing can make you happier than to know your kid’s are not finding ways to no longer be bored in the car…and one fantastic solution that has worked for me and for so many other folks has been that of car mounting your children’s Nintendo Switch. Have you thought about it?

Yes, yes…I know…you probably already have a nice and fancy DVD player installed in the back so they can watch their favorites as they ride. But haven’t they seen them all a thousand times, perhaps? Or what if it’s a really long drive and they’d like to be able to play a fun, addicting game as well, and not just zone out on movies all day? You’ve got to mix it up for a better experience, am I right? Kids’ attention spans, these days, require us to do better! That’s why mounting the Nintendo Switch in the car is a great added solution…

Well, lucky for all of us, we don’t have to go in there and do the dirty work of installing and mounting or even creating a mount (unless you’re mechanically inclined or love a good garage - tool project and know what you’re doing, without making a mess or a hole in your backseat leather, heh heh). Now, you can just buy a car mount for this, and there’s many out there willing to sell you one…many brands and names, several compatible with your Switch. Heck, you can even get two or three if you have multiple back seats that can host one.

iBolt, Macally, Lamicall and many others are top brand names known for this (though I could probably come up with a list of endless others out there), and you can type in their brand name along with the words “Nintendo Switch” or “car mount” or something to that effect. Amazon will easily pull up a nice range for you to choose from, and you can then select your price and other features you like so as to narrow down a favorite for your car. One I personally like, as well, is the TFY one, which is so popular and for a reason. It’s a headrest sort of mount, so your child can look straight up at your back headrest as they watch and won’t have to have their head & neck looking straight down all day (but rather keep their head in a nice, upright posture for the whole ride long).

It comes with a secure silicone sort of netting. It really helps keep the device in place, even during bumpy rides. You should check it out now and not wait another second, my dear friends!