Minecraft Bell

Author : Efrain S.

You might notice a little hiccup when you play the ever – popular game of Minecraft on any device you’ve got it on, and that is this — it seems hard or impossible to craft up a simple bell, even among all the things that you actually can craft in the game ( which truly blows my mind as well as yours, I am sure ) . There is no crafting recipe to do this, in other words, and you seem to be at your wit’s end as I was. Don’t worry. Just read…..

First of all, you need some time and some patience ( don’t we all? ) and there’s two ways you can get your own bell here — the very first is to wait for one to randomly spawn at any time when you are in the village. I know that can be frustrating to hear, but like I said, give it some time and some patience. Play the game often and go back and be in that area often as well. The other option is to make a good barter or trade with a friendly armorer, who will gladly give you one in exchange for 36 of your emeralds. So save up on those.

Want to know some cool things that this bell can do for you in the game? I know you do. For one, it can wake up sleepy – headed villagers when they are sleeping as you ring it ( imagine if someone rang a loud bell in your neighborhood at 5 am and right next to your sleeping area, wherever that is, he he he he heh…. you would wake up, too, right? ) . And if they happen to be up and about when you ring it, instead, AND I LIKE THIS EVEN MORE, they will run and go into hiding…. yup, you feel pretty powerful right after ringing it, then, I would assume. I know I can’t help the feeling of dominance I get every time that I do this, he heh.

In addition to that, if you ring your bell within a 32 – square distance of those nasty raid mobs, then guess what? They’ll get the glow effect applied to them automatically, like on a whim. Pretty neat, yes? I know…

But wait — THERE IS MORE. Villagers, as you may or may not know ( depending on how much you have really learned, played and discovered about this game, all in all ) can actually, as a matter of fact, ring the bell themselves, too. Yup, and they can do it when a raid mob is getting pretty close, as a warning….so beware that a raid is on its way and likely already at the door. You can also ring it by hitting it anywhere from its side —- even with a missed projectile, if you have good aim here, so to speak. Have fun, and remember that this bell TRULY RULES!