How do I Know If My Switch Pro Controller is Real?

Author : Efrain Silva

If you have just read the headline - title for this article, and find yourself chewing at your teeth in worry, not knowing that you can, in fact, get a fake Nintendo Switch Pro controller, then this page here is for you….do not stop until you have scrolled all the way down and read all of this. This information is vital to you as a gamer. And, of course, share the info with others so that they, too, may know ahead of time! Now, let’s get the full scoop on this….

First of all, know the seller and the site — this is crucial as ever and cannot be overstated as a major point. Countless eBay sellers, for instance, many unknown and with little to no reviews or online presence, have managed to successfully profit off many people this way….wrongfully, of course. The first tip in telling a fake from a real controller is this — check out the + or - buttons on it. Does the button stick out a bit more?

Compare a photo of a real one, alongside a photo of a fake one, online as well. Countless consumers and similar bloggers have now hit the stage and made posts about this, in great length, actually posing similar photos and feedback to ours. The word is spreading on these malicious controllers and their nefarious sellers — yes!!!! That’s always good news.

A lot of these fakes, in addition, tend to sell a lot cheaper than what the standard MSRP retail price is for these controllers, usually for like $40 - $50 less than that price. This alone should alert you to a red flag immediately and raise all caution. The Nintendo price for these products should not fluctuate too much if it is a real controller on sale — even if it’s used or refurbished. $40 less is way too cheap.

The same shape and size, the exact same material composition, the same control design and buttons, point for point — it’s sometimes a near - identical, and that’s what makes this fake controller sometimes a bit more of a challenge to identify. Add to that the fact that many also stamp the official Logo on it, exactly the same one you see on the actual real controller, and you’ve got a product just like the real one but fake. And these sellers sell their product and scam you out of your money —- ouch!

Sometimes the logo will be missing, and that’s a way you can tell it’s fake, but not always (sometimes it was just pulled out or removed from an original). The front will sometimes look less transparent if it’s a fake copy, as well. So a decoy will be just a bit more easily detectable, in that case. Also, if the analog stick’s rubber gives out quickly or looks to be of crappier quality, that’s also a sure sign. So be on the lookout for these little details in make, quality, color, appearance and gloss, etc. We hope this has helped!