Stardew Valley Mushrooms or Bats

Author : Efrain S.

So super early – on as you start out in this game, having to make the big decision and pop the big question ( no, not marriage, this time, something bigger, he he he heh ….. will it be mushrooms or bats? ) is one of the toughest choices you will have to decide on. This game, in case you are new to it, is all about starting your very own farm and sort of growing your own community, in a sense, so every single big and small decision you make will affect you to that end…. so choose wisely and make the moments count here, and that is all I can say about that ; now, also, your aim in this great game is to make the community center, all in all, much better than it is now — and hopefully restore it to at least just a small glimpse of all the glory that it once was before ( or as people seem to have remembered it as, he he heh, which is not the easiest of tasks for you, so heads up on that…. you have got a lot of work to do but sometimes your work gets cut out for you and you will see what I mean when you play further in ) .

My opinion on this, though? You ought to go with the mushrooms and here is why, my friend — mushrooms save you some time in the long run and if they happen to grow right inside your own cave, then, you’re all good to go. Remember that they only grow in 2 specific seasons, or you have to get them by mining, so if you get a chance to get some when Demetrius offers them to you, TAKE THAT CHANCE. Take every chance you can, in fact. Plus, mushrooms are a whole heck of a lot more reliable than bats when you think about it ; you always get 6 planters, every other day giving you 6 mushrooms. And yes, on the other hand, there are a few fakes or ‘duds’ here and there but you should still take your best chance on mushrooms over bats. And did I mention that mushrooms can not be actually grown, like fruit can, in this game? So that’s some food for thought ( literally speaking, heh ) as well….

And not only that, but there is also that you can create your very own life elixirs through these mushrooms, some of the best overall components for healing in this game. All you need, in addition to having some mushrooms, is to get your combat skills up just a bit ( should be at least at level 2 ) and use either a red / purple mushroom, a chanterelle or a morel. That is all, folks. It does not get easier than that, so if you want to make it count, then by all means, go for mushrooms.