Razer How to Use Hypershift

Author : Efrain Silva Ah, yes….the amazing Hypershift mode. Have you been wondering more and more about it, these days, since finding out it existed? Well, if you have, I’m happy for you — now I get to share with you my young man’s wisdom on it…..

Well, first of all, we’re simply talking about a secondary form of assigned buttons / functions, if you will, in case you didn’t know that Hypershift mode really entailed. But there is some more to it than that…..when you simply hold down the hypershift key, you can activate these and get things rolling. You will also find that the hypershift key has been automatically defaulted (thank you, Razer developers) to FN. That is, in fact, its original assigned key and where you start from. You can always change things later, of course, to suit your liking.

One great way to do this is to simply just assign the hypershift key over, instead, to any mouse button you prefer. Easy and cozy, right? Note that as long as the keyboard you are using is supported by Razer Synapse 3, it should be no problem at all. What is so darn cool about this — to break it down further for you — is that any button can have a secondary sort of command or button. How cool is that? You can do more, once you’ve activated Hypershift mode and have it in your mind’s back - burner for when the need comes up. Two commands for any one button! You can’t beat that.

And of course, since PC mice are very different from PC keyboards, in buttons, layouts, and all else, the game’s idea for Hypershift mode was to be able to allow you to do more….giving you more control while allowing you to use several different programmable buttons on your mouse / mice, respectively. And you don’t even have to change the usual peripheral, if you don’t want to. Whether you’ve got those neat little ‘extra side buttons’ on your mouse or keyboard, or not, you can still engage Hypershift mode and find it so dang useful.

So to use this Hypershift, you also want to download the software needed, straight from Razer. Click Software, then Razer Synapse to find the download link and click it. After fully downloading it, go to the keyboard and mouse settings screen ; assign your Hypershift buttons accordingly. Voila. It’s about as easy as that….you’ll see Razer Hypershift on your screen’s left - hand side. Press it once you’re ready to finalize your choice and assign that to the button you’ve chosen (for whatever command or function you’ve chosen, of course).

Make sure your layout has been set. To what? To Hypershift mode, of course. Now to use this in action, once it’s all been set to your liking, just simply hold down the button (Hypershift) and then press down on the 2nd function button you’ve chosen. It’s really that simple. I hope you come to like the Hypershift as much as I have! Knock yourself out.