GAMEMAX Power Supply - RGB-850 Review

Are you a gamer? Does your gaming PC get heated up or shut off without warning? Then the one piece of hardware that you need is a Power Supply Unit, i.e., PSU. It is a device that ensures that your computer runs properly by juicing up different components of the computer.

You should install a powerful PSU that not only backs your existing gaming computer but also allows you to upgrade later to advanced components that will require more power. The GAMEMAX Power Supply - RGB-850 has received some rave reviews from users. But is it worth the hype?

Read our GAMEMAX Power Supply - RGB-850 review to find out more about this!

GAMEMAX Power Supply - RGB-850 Review

The GAMEMAX Power Supply - RGB-850 is an 80 Plus Gold Certified PSU that has the potential to act as a practical hardware piece to power your gaming PC. Priced at $139.99, this PSU is a product of a popular brand. But before we look at the features of this PSU, let’s quickly understand what a PSU is.

What is a PSU?

Your house or office runs on AC power. But your PC needs DC power for its operations. The PSU is a piece of hardware that converts AC to DC for the safety of your PC. It helps every component of the computer, i.e., the motherboard, graphics card, etc. to get power.

At the time of buying a PSU, it is essential to take into consideration its wattage and efficiency. Wattage refers to the highest power that the PSU can give under a load of 100%. So, an 850W PSU will distribute 850 watts to the PC and its components.

Efficiency rating, on the other hand, indicates how efficiently the PSU can convert AC to DC and how much power gets wasted in the process of conversation. One of the most reliable PSUs has an 80 Plus Gold rating. It shows 87-100% efficiency at different load levels.

Now that you know the basics of PSUs let’s take a look at the features of GAMEMAX Power Supply - RGB 850. This PSU has fast become one of the go-to options because of its cost-performance ratio. If you’re wondering about the name - well, you can turn on the multicolored light option when it’s turned on.


The first thing you’ll notice about this PSU is the packaging. It has a sophisticated black color, and the text on the box is in attractive holographic colors to showcase the RGB light feature. The box contains all the necessary details and information and proudly shows off the 80 Plus Gold Certification.

The package could be sleeker if the product and the wires had been stacked together, So, if you love sleek packages and hate unnecessary waste of space, the package might fail to impress you. But it’s quite luxurious. One might wonder if the product would be less expensive if the box were a little less luxe.

The box is also easy to open, and the PSU and its wires are safeguarded inside the foam box properly. Once you open the box, you’ll notice the prominent insignia etched on the protective foam layer. The box is chic, but it offers great protection for your device.

PSU Unit Structure and Performance:

The PSU unit is capable of creating a clean look once you install it.

Honeycomb Ventilation

The first thing you’ll notice, once you unbox the unit, is its impressive look, mainly because it is designed with honeycomb ventilation. This not only allows excellent dissipation of heat but also allows the RGB light to be seen.

12V Rail

The PSU is equipped with a single 12V rail. This is a powerful path for the distribution of electricity to different components of the computer and appeasing the vast appetite of the GPU and CPU. This maintains stable support for your PC’s high-end graphics cards while converting AC power to DC power.

Japanese Capacitors

The capacitors in this PSU are made with advanced Japanese technology for reliable energy flow. They are also durable. In fact, if you look closely, you’ll notice that the different parts of the PSU, like the switches and other components, are all made of sturdy materials.

Modular Structure

The unit is completely modular and comes with sleek wires of different sizes, except for a power supply cable. This doesn’t just prevent clutter and maximize the flow of air in the chassis of the PC. If you want to install new components to make your gaming PC more advanced, the upgrade process will be easy.


The device has a wattage of 850W. Most 850W PSUs are priced within a range of $115-200. At $139.99, this is quite reasonably priced. In fact, compared to most of its high-end competitors, this is quite a steal. If you’re seriously into gaming, an 850W PSU is essential to run its high-power components.


The product proudly flaunts its 80 Plus Gold Certification. It means that the PSU offers one of the highest efficiency levels among its competitors. Under typical loads, you can expect the device to work at an efficiency rate of 91% even more, with very little wastage of power during conversion.

RGB Light

The PSU doesn’t just promise efficiency and power. It also offers style - thanks to its 25 options for RGB lighting. The RGB controller allows you to switch from one light option to another in a jiffy. You can choose single or multi-color modes. The way the moving colors trace the fan blades looks really cool!

GAMEMAX Power Supply - RGB-850 Advantages and Disadvantages

Here’s a quick look at the best features of the PSU, as well as the features that we think can improve -



Final Words

The GAMEMAX Power Supply - RGB-850 is an incredibly stylish way to power your gaming computer. Once the PSU is turned on, it will jazz up the desk with its incredible lights. It is extremely pocket-friendly. It’s advisable that you don’t buy something too cheap as it might adversely affect your PC.

The GAMEMAX PSU comes with several extremely attractive features. In fact, at this price, you can hardly complain about the missing power supply cable. Besides, it comes with the brand value of GAMEMAX, one of the market leaders in the world of computer components.

In addition, at 850W, it allows for easy upgrades. The efficiency of the PSU is also one of its attractive features. With incredible heat dissipation and noiselessness, this PSU is one of the best you can buy for your gaming PC at a low price, especially if you’re planning to upgrade the PC soon.