How to Play Halo 5 Multiplayer

Author : Efrain Silva

Many have asked if and how you could do this in Halo 5, and the sad general truth about the whole matter is simply that this game cannot be played on a split - screen as before. And this was a big deal breaker for many traditional Halo fans who were so used to being able to do multi - player on that split screen. The multi - player options in this game, on the other hand, are still well designed though, all in all, this game did not make the ‘favorites’ list for Halo fans and seems to be the least successful title. Yet Microsoft has learned from that mistake.

But of course, there’s good stuff about this multi - player scenario here, such as the fact that you can still throw some grenades, jump around, fire off multiple weapons (not at once, of course, but that would be so cool if you could….perhaps an idea for future games, I guess). You have to fire faster and with better aim if you want to be the one still standing and kill off any opponents, so all that still remains the same in the multi - player for this fifth game.

The best way to play this game while in multi - player, in many expert gamers’ opinions (not to mention my own as well), is to make full use of all the different multi - player modes….as well as to engage each and every single multi - player map to your advantage. You have to be strategic, witty, a bit lucky, and all in all, really outsmart and outgun your opponent. THAT is how you play multi - player in this game and rock at it!

You will also want to play this multi - player through making full use of the re - charges that it gives you, such as the sprint or shield one. Also play enabling the Spartan Charge feature, an ability which can truly take you leaps and bounds (perhaps quite literally, if I might add) away from danger, even at the last crucial second where it counts the most. This move / ability can save your life in multi - player as it has mine many a time….

Just make sure to time things well. It’s all in the timing. Anyone will agree. Also, enable and use the Magnum in multi - player here : Ooh, how I love this weapon here ; some call it the ‘over - powered’ weapon for those with an insatiable trigger finger.

So at the end of the day, just know that you can still play multi - player when in Halo 5. But it’s just not the same, some pros and cons (the main con being that you can’t share the screen with your buddies playing in the same room). But hopefully, you’ll stick with the pros and still enjoy the multi - player of Halo 5 for all it’s worth. Have a blast (literally, but do not get blasted) as you play! It’s time for some Magnum action, sprint re - charging and so much more…..