How to Get Mammoth Coins in Brawlhalla

Author : Efrain Silva

How, how, how, do you even pick up those mammoth coins, you might be wondering? Well, my friend, scratch your head no more in wonderment as I am about to reveal the answer and more. Read further to know the real solution….

But first of all, let me briefly tell you what these coins even are and what they hold good for : Mammoth coins, aka mammoth coins or mahatma coins (gamer’s slang term for these, he heh) are basically the in - game currency you find in Brawlhalla, a game in which you do brawl (hence the name) til’ the last one standing ones. So think of this game as a free - for - all type of fight, kinda like Super Smash Bros. Brawl (a topic for another time, I think), and mammoth coins are the money you use to buy all kinds of neat little weapons, tricks, skins, podiums and avatars. Heck, you can even use these coins to get some nice chests and emotes as well. Now, then, you can spend money to get these coins or you can do something else…..

The other option is to take your time, build skill and play through the game — little by little, you’ll have some coins coming your way. Brawlhalla challenges and sporting tournaments are the real tried n’ true method for getting these coins…and though you will not get to have everything unlocked yet, since it takes time, you can still take pride in knowing that you’ve worked hard for this, getting more and more coins as you progress through the game itself.

Now, one way you can easily get a few coins, little by little, is to start logging in to the game every day. Do it first thing in the morning, once you wake up, if you’re prone to forget. Just leave a sticky note reminder by your bed - side or something.

You can also, as another route you can take altogether, buy a credit pack from the game. Just remember to stay in your spendings budget and not go over, because many have been tempted to sort of gamble until they unlock everything in the game, only to later realize how much needed they have actually spent away — and this game is notoriously addicting! Yet it is another option, and many have wisely spent on coins here ; the hard - working developers, after all, do need to make some money as profit from this game and so that they can continue to make others and remain funded, of course.

I personally like the $12.99 340 - coin mammoth pack. You can get it easily and those coins get transferred to you right away. It’s a win - win situation for all.

All in all, try any of these forms for getting coins that I have mentioned and let me know which you might prefer to go with. Has your experience playing this game been good? Let us know that too!

Try it all out. See what sticks. Game on, everyone!