Zenonia 4 has almost hit that 300,000 mark (currently at about 298,746) for positive gamer reviews, ‘positive’ meaning at least a full 4 stars! Yes, this mobile Google App Store (Android 2.1 & newer) game has rocked the charts in its own way, making itself come alive more and more. Many players support it, as such…..this is one solid heck of a game. 

Watch out, though, if you have young children since Zenonia 4 is rated with a full T for ‘Teen’, respectively. Have any teenagers who might want to have some fun? (If you’re like me, yours have already downloaded it and started to check it out….or even beaten the whole thing in a week.) If you want to buy certain items, in the game, which is always a recommendable alternative, you can add your payment method to the Google Play Store, have it saved there for future purchases, and then purchase accordingly. This can enhance your experience, giving you access to more, sooner…..

Find out more about the game, or updates for it, on FB, YouTube, Twitter and its main page as well. You can always show your support, ask about stuff, or anything else, there. If you’re a nerd like me, you can even read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy provided as well….this, you can even find on the game’s Google Play Store page. And if you want to bookmark it, for a later download or such, you can also click on “Add to Wishlist” right next to “Install”.

This games comes in what some call ‘freaking amazing HD’!!!! And you will see it the moment you start it up. The colors are vibrant, the graphics come alive, the sounds and music are breathtaking, and ultimately, you get your head well in the game….which is the goal, after all. Once you are in, it’s hard to come out. The game is addictingly sweet. That’s awesome!

Once you further immerse yourself into these unique characters, and their every secret, you come to discover new revelations, and even new titles, within this game. Some titles boost your effect as well. Check it out. AND ALSO, you get different ‘modes’ to play in : Normal, Hard and Hell. How tough do you like it? See how far you can last it out. 

Asynchronous online 2P gaming is a must. This game gives it. What more could one want? You can even compete against your best friend in an abyss or arena, to see who a real victor is. Are you the better of the two? 

And then, of course, have some ice cream, laugh it all off, and go to work the next day….prepared for a rematched, should you or your other party need one. Game on. Game on. Who’s going to win two out of three fights?

Three out of five? Five out of nine? Nine out of twelve? Let the fun continue…..

1 - on - 1 rumbling is also in the game. The Execution Room is, too. Have a feud with an ex? Take it out on that……

Regret, Lu, Ecne and Chael are the characters in this tale. Join them. Fight or flee. 

This arcade - style game is made by GAMEVIL. GAMEVIL has made all kinds of other titles, for mobile lovers, some dark, others not to dark. Some are fantasy - based. Others are not. This video game developer is growing…..

What else should you know? Ah yes. Check it out --- you can also play the game on certain iOS devices that permit it. Always check first.

And to further add to the evil magic, this game has got quite the “item database” of its own, for an RPG fantasy game. You can get all sorts of neat gemstones for your arsenal, first off, as well as shiny ores and diamonds, too. They come in sapphire, emerald, bronze, mithril, frozen iron and more. Heck, you might even pick up a few shards, too, while you’re exploring the whole fiasco.

There’s a Shard of Darkness, a Shard of Chaos, a Shard of Doom, and a Shard of Immortal. You can pick up numerous wonderful “Essences”, as well, such as for the Ranger, Druid, Blader or Slader characters. You only need a single Essence for each type of character in this game….nice. The “Essences” themselves include the Dimensional Essence, the Life Essence, the Magic Essence and the Space Essence. 

Let’s talk about the different types of Dust. Yes, I did say “Dust”. There are various Dusts here…..

Zenonia 4 offers a Star Dust, a Rune Dust, and a Mystic Dust, relatively speaking. Each one holds a different purpose, with each different character, and be found and retrieved from a different place, respectively. Neat. But enough about Dust….

We have not even looked at the some of other items in the game, such as these : 

  1. The Smelting Hammer - Smelt away!!!!
  2. The Leather Oil - Ooh…..for a nice little rub, perhaps?
  3. The Chain - Ouch. Can it hurt?
  4. The Needle - Found it in a haystack, maybe?
  5. The Artifact - Treasure it. It’s old. It’s special.
  6. The Tender Meat - Yum….
  7. The Tough Meat - Yummy…..
  8. The Deluxe Meat - Perfect…...
  9. The Store Veggies - A little something else to nibble on….
  10. The Fresh Veggies - Who doesn’t like fresh produce? 
  11. The Organic Veggies - ‘Organic’ is best. Live a little longer…. 

All in all, the last word is this : Zenonia 4 is a nice game, but with room for improvement. Watch for regular updates, of course. Hope for a 5th game, Zenonia 5, if you really want to keep the adventure ongoing…..for its HD quality, it's great scenes and colors, its visual characters, and more, I would also give this game 4 stars. It’s not too bad at all. Play it if you love action and adventure, along with a bit of violence, and more than anything, fantasy. Play it if you’re at least 13. 

Play it if you played the prequels. Play it if you have a phone. And who doesn’t? Ha! Gotcha there…..