Across Age DX

Across Age DX is its own unique, one of a kind type of adventure. It’s for your Android device, all in all : It is special in more ways than one. One such aspect of it that makes it stand out is perhaps the fact that you can first play it at no cost, and then if you like it, you can pay to unlock the whole part of the game, or the entire game, all at your own leisure --- so no pressure there. You get to choose.

The first is that, if you’re playing it on a certain mobile phone, and then you lose that phone, or it breaks, for instance, with you no longer having any kind of access to it at all whatsoever, then it’s bad news, Charlie --- you’ll have to start your progress all over again, once you download the game from the next phone. It can’t really transfer save data this way --- some have stated that even the Across Age support team can’t really do much to help. But, of course, on the up side of things, this does give you a whole new chance to play the game, from a fresh start, and perhaps realize (and acquire) new thing you didn’t the last time around. Heck, if you love it, why not? Play it even a third, fourth, or fifth time, if it’s really your kind of 2D RPG mobile game.

This game is also so very unique because of the characters that make up a great part of it, respectively, and we can talk about who they are. But it’s probably better that you play for yourself, so you can get a whole new taste of them, without us spoiling anything. Also, you’ll find most of the touchscreen, in this game, taken up by your user interface --- that is not a bad thing, though, it just means that you won’t have to squint your eyes the same way you do with, perhaps, other mobile games, since you’ll be looking at most of the screen. You’ve got a thorough, in - depth mini - map with this game, as well, which can definitely guide you at all times, even if you’re like me and sometimes don’t have the darndest clue when it comes to keeping a good sense of direction going….it certainly can help, to say the very least here.

Slick movement controls and virtual buttons are also what help to make up this game as an original one of its kind, not to mention a “mage toss” button that will work to help you split up your party, or company, when you need to. Need to accomplish more tasks and in less time? Split up, and form a search party, or something like that. All previous character artwork, sprites, level worlds, and all else has been pretty much remastered in this game, and you can tell, too --- everything looks colorful, sometimes too much (as if that very color were to pop off the screen any time soon), bright and full of life. You have to play to know what I mean, once again, but I’m sure you can come up with a pretty good ‘mental picture’ of your own just reading what I’ve described here…..

A set storyline or objective, that drives the character through the game’s world...and requires giving the player decisions in both building up the character and interfacing with nature --- this game is just that! Try it today. And to add, I likewise think a decent RPG has a particular plot, scenario, or storyline that the player must play though

The dialogue between all the characters, to only further add, is quite unique on its own, too...featuring an extensive range of emotion and depth, as if the characters were real, live human beings with the mind and purpose that we real humans share. The game’s also got a swell storyline, to add on top of it, which goes along quite well and takes the player for a spin. Imagine the best of Game of Thrones, or perhaps Lord of the Rings, or maybe even Final Fantasy, in terms of these elements, and you’ve got them here in a nice, little mobile game you can play at any place or time (given there’s a strong connection, of course, but in today’s digital world, where isn’t there?). Plus, you get to track your magic, health, arsenal and more all on the same screen, with this game...see HP, LP, and others right as you play.

High-res display with retina, this game has got it all, and now you can watch and play in style. Get high-quality playtime. In this game, also, you play as two different characters (kind of like in the Super Mario Bros. games, where you either play as Mario or as his brother, Luigi), and there’s quite a few achievements and rewards to found as you play. These are all unique to this particular game, of course. One such reward you can get is an extra 20 points for every level you beat with both characters. Also, by and large, shops don't offer a lot of cash for utilized weapons, defensive layer, or adornments so the player winds up accumulating things they will never utilize….remember that.

And also, once you beat level 10, 25, 50, etc. with both characters, you’ll get rewarded nicely with a fresh set of 20 points. And that is not all. In addition, once you unlock all the possible achievements, across the entire game, you get crowned the King’s Knight and earn an extra 100 points. And in this game, if you master unique moves like killing off 3 foes at the same time, for instance, you also get extra points (30). So try it all, and have fun!

What is there to lose, besides a riveting good time? Have at it. All you need is a good phone and some privacy. A connection, too, to the wonderful Internet…..