Fortnite Llama

Author: Efrain Silva

The Fortnite Llama? Is that what they call it?

Fortnite’s Battle Royale holds a certain loot cache within it, known as the Supply Llama. Many know it as the llama from Fortnite, or the “Fortnite Llama”. HOWEVER YOU WISH TO CALL IT, IT’S STILL THE SAME….and no, there are not two different kinds of llamas, several different ones (as some have wrongfully speculated) ; they are all referring to one and the same llama, so please keep that in mind. For every match in Battle Royale, you will see three different Supply Llamas, though, and the location of each is to be chosen at random, so you have no real say in the matter as to where these 3 can show up….that’s one of the cool things about the game.

Breaking these llamas open like pinatas, and more to note…..

Also, once you hold your “interact key” on each, opening up what’s similar to --- I guess, a treasure chest --- and unveiling each llama, respectively. You can also shoot at the llamas, or even break them open with your pickaxe (no, violence is not condoned here). The llama will drop open whatever’s inside of it, much like a pinata does when it’s broken into with a bat at a wild birthday party for kids (or adults...let’s be perfectly honest about our wild weekends here, parents).

Patch 3.3 was where you first got to see the llama introduced into this game. And another interesting fact to follow here : If you play the game in the Playground mode, you will be able to spot up to 100 Supply Llamas (that’s a lot to break through, isn’t it? Plenty of pinatas, with plenty of candy, if this was a real party….). Some call these the Loot Llamas, as that’s where you can find the most loot --- the more llamas there are, the more treasure you might be able to get, right? That makes good sense…..

With each Supply Llama, you can find yourself getting at least 10 stacks (and we’re talking in terms of whatever ammo stack comes inside...different types of stacks for different types of ammo, but that’s another topic for another article we might talk to you on). Keep in mind the exception or rockets, too, since you won’t be able to find any kinds of rocket ammo stacks inside these llamas (rockets are too big to fit inside any llama, don’t you think? I guess the developers thought that one through….). And you can also find yourself getting a good 200 (in quantity count) of every kind of known resource in the game (be it wood, metal, stone….) inside these llamas, too.

You’ll also find 3 traps inside. And, that’s not all….3 utility/consumable item stacks come inside these, too. 3 full stacks.

The growing popularity of the “cute little” Fortnite Llama

Since the Fortnite Supply Llama was introduced to the world, players and Fortnite fans of all ages, everywhere, have simply not been the same….they’ve now become aware of a creature that has forever changed their gaming perspective, especially when it comes to online play. And speaking of the growing popularity of this creature, many now sell it as a popular form of merchandise. That’s right --- expect to get the Fortnite Supply Llama at places like Target Online (sold there as the “Fortnite Llama Loot Plush”, at a U.S. MSRP of $8.59) and several others. Both online retailers and in - store providers offer some form of merchandise around this adorable character, and even certain “fan stores” and secondhand places have been able to ‘DIY create’ a piece of merchandise of their own. Fortnite Supply Llama, the people love you!

To go even further, certain YouTube channels have made videos about the llama. These have talked about where / when to find it, how to search for it, what it can offer, and more. Some even feature live footage of opening one of these llamas. Users on Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, SnapChat, and many other social platforms have even trended further discussion on the “treasure” character. Even news sites like Forbes and Daily Star have taken to talks about finding the Supply Llama in Fortnite : It’s a special llama, indeed… other like it.

What the Fortnite Llama even looks like, for those who may not know and are simply curious…..

The llama is pink, actually. Can you believe that? But we tell no lies, here….that’s what it is. And it’s got a mix of light - dark blue and green shades / colors right under it.

Both the animated version you see in the game, and the plush toy and other versions of merchandise made around it, feature these colors. And the special llama, in all alterations (generally speaking) wears a light brown rider’s sort of ‘satchel’ on its back, with the symbol of an arrow (or treasure chest, in some versions). Its legs are generally light blue, and its hooves are dark brown.

Fortnite Llama: Other facts to note? Final thoughts?

The “open time” for these special llamas seems to be quite lengthy, mostly, so it takes patience as you play……

To get “credit” for a challenge, while playing Fortnite, you have to open these llamas the ‘normal way’ and spare that pickaxe…..

Set your “view distance” as high as possible, if you want to find one of these randomly placed, hard - to - pinpoint llamas. Glide in those open areas from your high view…..

So try out Fortnite, especially if you’ve never played! You just might come to join the thousands who are already hooked. And when you can, find that llama!!!!! It may be well worth your efforts and search.

How to Draw The Fortnite Llama

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