Magic Rampage

Magic Rampage is a free Android device game you can play from your Google Play Store app. You can also install it on your NVIDIA SHIELD tablet and Android TV. It’s a great add to your collection.

Hack n’ slash - style gameplay comes with this modern RPG game made for anyone who loves new platformers ; it also offers dozens upon dozens of weapons that you can make yours, along with countless characters you can both select and then customize --- let the fun go on for hour and hours and hours! Make it what you want. Magic Rampage has got some of the craziest monsters and villains, each in separate dungeons, that you could ever think to imagine ; this game really has it all... 

And when you get down to fighting those head honchos, one by one, what you will find is that they only get bigger and badder, stronger and nastier, and overall, more of a challenge --- but if you love a good challenge here, then this game might suit your taste buds. It will give you all you’re hungry for and much more. Bring the challenge on! Plus, you can even play this game with different types of joysticks, game pads, keyboard and mouse, as well….there are so many ways to mix up your RPG gaming fun here, and we do encourage you to try them all out, at some point in your adventures!

Accurate gameplay responsiveness is possible with this game, making it exceptional as well. Plus, you can even enjoy some of the best of the 16 - bit games, from back in the day, as these will carry a very similar look and feel to Magic Rampage. It is made, in fact, to bring the 80’s and 90’s back to life, especially the 90’s. Remember those days? Remember those games? Well, now you can…….

You’ve got Bonus Levels in the game, as well, which are extremely useful for when you want to play past the usual stuff and really get to unlockin’! If you’re one of those restless players, like myself, who simply can not get enough of what’s offered in the traditional storyline or levels, then this is a feature for you….and since you can play it on your mobile phone, the fun does not have to limit itself to your particular location --- just keep playing and playing and playing (as long as there is a good data or wifi connection where you are at, of course). And guess what else is in this game, too? A survival mode!

The survival mode is really what can challenge you, if that is what you truly want : This will push you to the limits and may even bring out the weaknesses in the fastest and smartest players out there. Yes indeed, no matter how quickly you think you can twiddle your thumbs, push down on those buttons, and maneuver to the side, Survival Mode will still get you every time! But with some time, perhaps a few donuts and coffee, and lots of perseverance, you can beat through Survival Mode (and if truly addicted, bring yourself to the challenge of playing through it again….this time, beating it under a faster time limit than you did before). Challenge accepted?

Your friendly NPC’s, in this game, can also come alongside you….like a good friend after a hard breakup. Get what I mean? Make the best of them. They’re here to help! 

And to further add, everything from a knife, to a magical stave, can become your weapon here. I know we mentioned that earlier, but let’s elaborate on it just a little more. Think of every sort of magical weapon or item you could ever have, closing your eyes and picturing every type of fantasy movie you’ve ever watched, book you’ve ever read, or game you’ve ever played. Then, open your eyes, download Magic Rampage, and you can have it all there! Get the picture? There’s whopping tons to choose from here!!!!! 

The plot is also quite ‘twisty’, as well, but in the best way it can be --- you will find lots of good twists to it. I won’t say much more on that… need to play it to find out what really happens. Fingers crossed, you will love what you come into ---- with plenty of valuable surprises there for you all along the way. Go get ‘em!

There is some content that is exclusive to the desktop and console versions of this game, respectively. Let’s talk about that for a little bit. The first thing worth spotting and pointing out here would be that of the 2 - player versus mode, which is perfect when you want to have a friend over….or perhaps just engage each other online. For those ‘more social gamers’, like a few friends I know, this is the perfect feature. It can also give you a break from all that ‘solo playing’ for a while, taking some stress off your plate as you communicate your frustrations with your buddies over a good, hard matchup. 

Even talk to them, as I do, about your worst frustrations when it comes to challenges in the game, levels of foes you have a hard time mastering, or anything else, actually. Make it your moment. Get it off your chest…..

2 - PLAYER OP CAMPAIGNS!!!! They’re soon to be incorporated and updated. Cooperative survival scenarios, too, you can get with this game. Check it all out.

And did we even mention that there’s tons and tons of hidden loot in certain areas of the game? But your challenge is to find them --- we won’t tell you where they are, heh heh… least, not until we release a strategy guide or walkthrough video, perhaps. But for now, the challenge falls on you. You will have fun, and that’s an order! 

Get Magic Rampage today. Download or install it as soon as you can. For fantasy RPG action, this is a title you must get!