Halo 2

Author: Efrain Silva

Halo 2, in my own personal opinion, was not quite as good as Halo 1, the original, and I am proud to say that many hardcore Halo fans would not disagree with me on this matter. Don’t get me wrong: It’s still a heck of a game, and many likewise would not disagree with this, but the buttons and commands, as well as the way you maneuver and play, and even the screen itself (in some areas) was definitely changed in a slightly annoying and detrimental way. Yet for all this, the game still rocked solid in final sales numbers and ultimate customer - player satisfaction, just as did Halo 1 and Halo 2.

Many, at first, including me, found it very hard to adapt to those changes I mentioned, though, especially when things were already set so well in the last game. Why change this? I guess only the developers would know. They stated that they tried to go for a different, more unique approach in this sequel game, but when you’ve already got something that works so darn well, in terms of screen - playing and movement dynamic and more, and that has managed to sell thousands of copies of that same game, it’s perhaps not the best idea to make too drastic a change unless you really know what you’re doing and know that it can’t fail.

In this case, some of these stated changes were good, but could’ve been far better. And in my opinion, the action and levels were simply not as original and enticing as before. But what else was different in Halo 2? Well, you got an entirely new campaign with different levels and objectives, real challenges taken to the max. It still doesn’t beat what you get to fight through in the prequel game, though this game does try something new and original, instead of just repeating the same old thing done before. So props to Halo 2 for that.

Speaking of the levels in the main campaign, they are as follows :
  • Level 1: The Heretic
  • Level 2: The Armory
  • Level 3: Cairo Station
  • Level 4: Outskirts
  • Level 5: Metropolis
  • Level 6: The Arbiter
  • Level 7: Oracle
  • Level 8: Delta Halo
  • Level 9: Reget
  • Level 10: Sacred Icon
  • Level 11: Quarantine Zone
  • Level 12: Gravemind
  • Level 13: Uprising
  • Level 14: High Charity
  • Level 15: The Great Journey

The game managed to sell more than 8 million copies, keeping the Halo series as still one of the best of all time for sci - fi shooter games. And forget the Flood from Halo 1: This time it’s the Gravemind, a unique challenge / foe all of its own. The game’s creators have also certainly stepped things up in making the enemies and bosses here both bigger and badder than ever before, and some of the ways to kill or be killed far more gruesome.

The weapons themselves do remain pretty much the same as they were before, with a few slight exceptions here and there. But what you should really take note of is the fact that the Gravemind holds an insanely high IQ, so to speak, powered and operated by the highest, most up - to - date level of intel there is in the future (in which these games are based, in terms of timeline). Not only that, but the Gravemind wields some sick tentacles that can kill you quickly and, at the very least, inflict some serious pain you will remember well into Halo 3...should you survive to make it that far, of course.

In this equally popular sequel game, you will also come to notice that the Master Chief looks different. Indeed, he has elected to don a slightly different look in his new armor this time around. And that alone has garnered both criticism and praise from different fans with varying perspectives, respectively.

Halo 2 Vista is the PC version of this game, whereby players may also connect online and play in multiplayer forms, with other players from even halfway across the globe...or farther. Don’t you love online internet gaming connectivity? If so, and at the same time, you love sci - fi first person shooters, then this might just be the game for you, dear friend.

The Covenant and the UN Space Command do make their appearance and play vital roles in this game as well. What’s not to love about that? Also, Halo 2 quickly became one of the Xbox Live’s most popular games in not too long a time after its initial release. And the reason the storyline seemed a bit shorter than in Halo 1, according to the game’s executive decision makers, was simply because they had a shorter time frame by which to deliver the game. And at the same time, they did not wish to leave players hanging.

In fact, as you’ll notice, this game actually features (SPOILER ALERT) a major, kick butt cliffhanger ending of its own...which left a lot of gamers super excited. This game, all in all, did so well on the charts, that an Anniversary Edition of it was later released. Halo 2 : Anniversary Edition showed off new weapons and upgrades, cheats, and more. It was well worth the wait.

In Halo 2, another major difference / downside from the prequel, as briefly mentioned, was that some of the weapons, here and there, were altered in a negative way. I mean, you, as the player, just could not do as much as before, and the trigger action features, as well as targeting, were a little harder to get used to and manage. And weapons that served multiple uses in Halo 1, not to mention, were cut down to only be able to carry out a single function in Halo 2. The perfect example of this would be the Plasma Pistol, a personal favorite of many, which can only now do a charge shot...and it takes time to adjust.

Try Halo 2. See what you think. But of course, try Halo 1 first.....