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Author: yep2030 and BradAndrew23

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Part1 - Review by yep2030

The first time I saw Aurum Blade Ex on GooglePlay, I had a good feeling about it. I saw the featured pictures of the gameplay on the download page and the old-school graphics brought back good memories. So I gave it a go.

Aurum Blade Ex 1

This game, created by Oddy Arts, has an old game style, but really, it’s well-developed.

If you are a 90’s kid, Aurum will give you nostalgia on games you play on Nintendo. It was very cool to just play as if I was still that kid I once was; when I was not playing just to de-stress but I am actually playing because of the plain pure joy of a video game, no pressures, just leisure and so much fun. So much like the Zenonia and Legend of Zelda, it’s a very classic action RPG.

Aurum Blade Ex 2

I like that it has a small file size paired with a good storyline and less forcing to buy gems, thus spend money, so then it made me enjoy, as I said, with less pressure.

Aurum Blade Ex: Backstory and Lost Memories

What I would like to talk about first is the books containing the Lost Memories. I take delight in knowing the backstory ( and I mentioned that Aurum has a good storyline?) as I collect them throughout the tower. I’m even given a reward sometimes. Sweet!

Aurum Blade Ex 3

It was said that there are 22 lost memories that are kept hidden, how fulfilling it is to just find one.

Historian Theodore

In Aurum Blade Ex, you have got to never forget Historian Theodore. He’s a thrilling sight to see. You’ll see. I love how my Aurum avatar should go to him to obtain quests in looking for old books, or just old memories.

Aurum Blade Ex 4

Playing as a swordsman is a good choice. I used special skill attributes and my avatar is easily customizable. Another easy one is its upgrade option. I enjoyed fighting diablo-like elements and the harder-to-defeat ones, the bosses; as each level, my skills upgrades as well.

There are actually three characters to choose from. Allen (my character) is skilful in one-handed weapons. Another swordsman is Sigmond. The character I plan to use next, once I completed the game using Allen, is Enoshu, a mage. I read many gamer opinions that it was amusing to wield a wand and use magic spells. That ought to be a fun way to experience the game all over again.

Aurum Blade Ex 5

Aurum Blade Ex: Flow of the Game

The game goes like this: There is a Philosopher’s Tower that houses the Philosopher’s Stone and the evil person, duke Marduk is after it, probably to use its supposed extreme power for an evil plan; He has to be stopped as he spread wickedness in his quest for the stone; There is also a mysterious abduction of Celty, a village girl from shining Dawn Village, which is somehow connected to Marduk’s terror.

Main Quest

The main quest is as simple as chasing Duke through the Philosopher’s tower. I have to say quest games like this, is on top of my list. There’s something about adventures and obtaining new tasks and opening secret doors or boxes that just lifts my spirits.

Even the first step, which is to obtain a new weapon from Ralph, a merchant at Shining Dawn Village, is like a real life thing to me. Then I discovered that my hero would have to climb 25 floors of mysteries and all out battles in order to finish the game.

Blocked Road

The part on the Blocked Road and the Dwarf’s Area on the 8th floor, those were a lot of fun. And, of course, right? Every floor has its own aesthetic names. Rest Area of Wind, Inextinguishable Blast Furnace, Forgotten Tomb of the Orcs, Kraken's Nest just to name a few.

Aurum Blade Ex 6

My favourite part is the acquiring of a Blade. This magical stuff lets me summon a creature that fights alongside me, and I have earned them after completing a special dungeon in a limited time. It was my pleasure upgrading each blade (Max Level: Level 20) by repeating the blade dungeon.


I was just frustrated when my game was not saved because I risked, at one point, my earned experience and gold but then losing the dungeon means losing the earnings, too. Pity. I should’ve stayed undefeated until the last floor of monsters so that it was saved.

I’m just giddy to be onto the next floors and game level, I wanna unlock more blades so I will be allowed to summon the other guardians like the Fire Guardian or the Silver Guardian.

Aurum Blade Ex: Second Favorite Part

My second-favourite part, as many are drawn into, is farming. It was very exciting for me to farm good equipment in order to progress. We all know how good potions, equipment and blades should be in our inventory in order to bring a good fight to the enemy. As a move along the dungeon, it was exciting for me to loot premium items and gems and epics.

I thought since the game control was not complicated, that the items would be boring. But I thought wrong. The sets are special and have good abilities (whether epic or legendary). Weapons vary differently in their DEFs, damage or resist.

Neat Weapons

I made weapons in the alchemy like the Berserker, the one I possessed at Level 15, which totally upgraded at Level 25, so much like the 2nd set of recipes, but now gives me a +15 STR and +150 HP increase. I enjoy the details because any change to this on the next level or on the new set tells me I’ve played well as this is most important ever to a number of peple.

I can only say so much on my current skill set at the moment, which is theMist, not to mention, I’m on Level 72. The Ring, Boots, Gloves, Armor and Amulet was lit. The resists on air and earth, as a bonus, makes me feel kinda invincible. My current blocking rate and critical rates are now upped, too.

I wonder what a skill set of Super Great General or a Super Ishtar feels like and fights like in the level 199. I guess I should just be playing more.

Part 2: Android Game Review: Aurum Blade EX - by BradAndrew23

NOTE - This is another review by a second author.

Aurum Blade-EX is an Android gaming RPG developed by ODDY arts. It's available on the Google Play store at no cost. Since it was launched, it has had over 1 million downloads and quite a number of positive reviews.

Aurum Blade Ex 7

This game is designed with spectacular artwork with an old traditional theme. Players enjoy great adventure and challenging missions. Controls are easy to master with options for varying abilities. The game latest version is 1.0.8.

About The Game

This game has an ancient storyline, which is based on a philosopher’s stone. This stone is the essence and emblem of ancient alchemy. It has remained hidden in the philosopher’s tower from the old times to the present date. It is hidden away from everyone for good reasons. Duke Marduke has defied odds and he’s heading towards the tower for the stone and he has plans of using it. But how is he going to use it? He has abducted Cetty the mystic girl from shinning dawn village. The girl has somehow connected the whole of this mystery. But why is she abducted? Everything seems to be mysterious but its certainly clear that bad things keep happening and Duke Maduke has to be stopped before the situation worsens. A hero must come to stop this mess and rescue the world.

Aurum Blade-EX is a KRPG style game and it runs quite fast. This game has three characters including Allen who is powerful with one-handed weapons, Enoshu; he uses magic spells as well as magic wands, and staves. Sigmund is the third character and he is powerful with 2 handed weapons. These three characters have different skills through all of them can be effective depending on your skill preferences.

Aurum Blade Ex 8

The game has several levels with different missions. Once you unlock a level, you get a chance to play the next level which is more advanced. The levels become more challenging going forward to the last mission.

Features of Aurum Blade-EX

Good Storyline

This game brings out a unique and interesting sense on the olden times. It is full of adventures of ancient times. The game has a number of levels with each level having a mission rooted in the storyline. It is also progressive with each mission leading to another one. As the levels advance, they become more challenging and you unlock more potentials of the character.

Aurum Blade EX game has upgrade options where you can upgrade your weapons and levels. You can also customize your characters for more fun.The storyline puts your character at the position of a hero and you should help save the world from Duke Maduke.

Nice Graphics in Aurum Blade-EX

Graphics are usually a very important aspect of gaming. Designed with a small file size the game still has amazing graphics. Aurum Blade EX is amongst the android gaming RPGs with the best graphics in the market. The display of the game on your phone makes you feel like you are in the game. You have a clear view of the character and all the moves that he makes.

These graphics enable you to master controls easily for you can clearly note the movement prompted by each control. Graphics make the game simpler and you are able to conduct maneuvers with a broad colored view of your environment. Its graphics are compressed enabling the game to play effectively on a normal android Smartphone or tablet.

Different Weapons And Costumes

You are able to try various weapons and costumes at certain levels of the game. Some missions may be challenging and require advanced weapons and amour to conquer. Each of these weapons, armor, and costumes has powerful options that are unique to them. You can also customize them to meet your desires.

The weapons and armor can be enchanted and crystals added to them to increase the abilities that they possess. Alchemy system lets you to create as well as enhance special weapons which can improve your fighting skills and enable you to unlock more levels. Costumes for the characters come in different colors and designs and some of them have powers and abilities. Some of the levels automatically unlock new costumes and weapons.

Powerful Summoning Monsters

You are able to summon powerful monsters after proving your worth in the blade dungeons. There are six blade monsters that you can summon. The monsters include ice, Aurum, silver, stone, fire, iron, and ice. These monsters fight alongside you, helping you to conquer your enemies in various battlefields,

Each of the six monsters has a unique skill and fighting pattern. In spite of the monsters helping you in the fights, you have no direct control to their fighting patterns. As you conquer and pass the blade-dungeons the monsters you summoned grow in strength and their abilities are improved. Only five monsters are able to be summoned at a time. These monsters enable you to have strategic gameplay.

Epic & Legendary Items

While playing the game you should challenge the power-dungeon so as to unlock various epic & legendary items in store for you. Some of the items are unlocked by completing various missions while others can be bought.

Gems and some of the premium items can be found within the dungeons. These items may give you an upper hand in completing the next levels and even fighting certain enemies. They are in plenty and the only task for you is to grab and use.

Get Free Tickets To The Power Dungeon & Boar Dungeon

On a daily basis, you are given free tickets to enter the power-dungeon. You can also purchase these tickets from the power-shop if you require them on a more regular basis or when you want to explore more of the power and boar dungeons.

Aurum Blade Ex: Storage

All your data of completed levels, weapons and unlocked items are saved and secured in the game. This allows you to pause and continue later or even refer to the previous levels for information. You are able to exchange various items among saved data-slots using the stash inventory.

Aurum Blade-EX is an Android-gaming RPG of a kind. With its unique old cool style, it leaves bits players with a wonderful gaming experience. This offline game is free on the Google play store. Download yours today and be part of the fun experience.