Oceanhorn 2

Long live the series!  Guess what, mobile RPG game fans? Oceanhorn is back with a sequel, Oceanhorn 2, and it’s here to kick more butt than its predecessor ever did --- and that alone says everything. Let’s check the game out…..

Oceanhorn 2 release date

E3 released live game footage and some demo trailers earlier at the start of this year. But as seems that, at least for now, a full release date or update since then is yet to be released. Fans await expectantly either way. 

Some other details on this addition to the loved tale…..

First of all, Oceanhorn 2’s full title has been announced, and it will be that of “Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm”. In the story, we once again follow our young male protagonist as he this time continues his quest but with a new goal in mind --- to become one of the knights of Arcadia. And fans are wild to see what will happen next!

If there is any type of similar game to this, or a series that most closely resembles the Oceanhorn series, many gamer fans and I would have to quite agree that it would be the Legend of Zelda series. The feel of the Oceanhorn games, their vibrant action scenery and gameplay, their rich color and 3D options, their characters and so much more seem to remind many --- including myself --- of some of Zelda’s best past games like the Wind Waker. That’s one part of the Oceanhorn series that people love the most because, prior to Oceanhorn, there was always Zelda, of which people could not get enough of. 

Tall towers, rushing winds, ships in the ocean, with blowing waves, and a few sea creatures (both good and evil) are promised to permeate this long anticipated sequel. I say “long” because more than 11 months of waiting for its final release is, to any hard core gamer, a true eternity. But we continue to wait!

Cornfox & Bros. is the small developer company behind this game and its original prequel. Death Rally, Oceanhorn and Oceanhorn 2 are its three major game released thus far. They alone have raked the company a lot more popularity and following than they ever before anticipated. Talk about successful marketing through an attraction to a successful game or two!

The company is based entirely out of Finland. How cool, right? And it’s a very small company that’s still growing. It’s already gotten a few notable awards, such as 2013 “Game of the Year” (on behalf of Capsule Computers), of which Oceanhorn proudly took home. In addition, the same game was titled “Best Indie Game 2013” by the very Apple App Store itself.  

In addition to on the main site, press coverage for the soon to be released game is available on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, showing some photos and videos. More than 16 images and 25 videos are presently seen. The game will only offer single - player mode, as did its predecessor. The soundtrack sequences for the game, as well, have already promised to be nothing short of breath taking, and that’s one understatement I’m willing to take back…... they will blow your mind away! 

Some more information on the game

Let’s talk about the story and some other interesting things to note, shall we? First off, the world’s in peril once more --- no surprise there, right? And it appears Mesmeroth has once again come back, but this time with a larger army than before. Conquest seems to be at very grasp.

Arcadia’s current leader, Archimedes, however, uniquely tasks you (the main protagonist) with a vital mission that will determine the success of all future humanity and life forms everywhere. So no pressure, right? Wrong! 

Your task is to properly return, to their true owners, what are known as the Sacred Emblems. But as you attempt to do so, along the way, you encounter obstacles in the form of monsters, goblins, winged creatures, strange and unusual occurrences, money shortages, treasure hunts, mazes and so many other challenges posing to get in your way and stop you from completing your goal! You must rise against all obstacles and prevent them from doing so, otherwise you will not see the light of day.

Yet in the sequel, you won’t have to “go it alone” as you did in the first installment. This time, you take a couple people you meet with you along the way, to bear the load and help you fight the good fight to the end! Their names are Trin, Archimedes’ granddaughter, and Gen, a strange robot. They may not be perfect, but they’ll stand by your side against the Dark Army that awaits you. The Caster Gun is included in this game, which similar to a gun, shoots out silver bullets that’ll take your enemies down with style! 

Similarities to other popular games, perhaps?

Skyward Sword, the Wind Waker, and A Link to the Past all come to mind. Can you think of any others? Think long and hard. Think “Nintendo”, and you may be thinking in the right direction here…..

The story, for one, in both Oceanhorn and Oceanhorn 2, strikes a similar chord to the one seen throughout the Legend of Zelda Games in general: There’s an evil villain who arises, and re-arises in future games, to destroy the earth and cover it in eternal darkness, and one young man who must stop him, doing all it takes. He alone must conquer. He must succeed until all evil has been vanquished!  

Final word 

Get this game when it comes out, if you are a true lover of all things fantasy and RPG, much more for mobile and PC gaming and beyond. Explore the worlds you encounter, as if you are seeing them for the very first time in your life, and fall in love with the world of fantasy once again; we promise that, when you come back from your game time, you will not be the same person you were. Adventure awaits!