Games like Final Fantasy Tactics

If you like FFT you are probably interested in other games that are similar. If you're looking for other games like Final Fantasy Tactics, we've got a bunch of suggestions for you.

Some of these are better candidates than others.....

Skulls of the Shogun

Skulls of the Shogun - games like final fantasy
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Furthermore, there’s Skulls of the Shogun, which is actually available on numerous types of devices, like various phones and even some of Sony’s Playstation consoles. It’s not hard to learn the mechanics and combat styles or preferences of this one; the designers have made things really easy to get familiarized with, making for one the most simplistic and easily comprehensible user - friendly experiences around. Plus, you can play in various modes for both single players and multi - players functions, too. And let’s not forget that you can line up your team in different ways, with many options to choose from within the cavalry, the archery, the infantry, and more. The fun doesn’t stop --- that is, of course, until it’s the other player’s (or the machine’s) turn to play as things are turn - based here as well. 

The Banner Saga

Banner Saga 2
Banner Saga 1
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Get it HERE.

In addition, you can also check out a game that calls itself, The Banner Saga, which is set in the environment of a viking. In The Banner Saga, you play as a male main character whose mission is to safely get his caravan through all kinds of environments, and their weather, in order to reach a final destination. The goal is to keep everyone alive throughout the journey and to lose as few lives as possible, if any. 

Moreover, strategy making is once again crucial for survival here, as you only get one turn to act; make the wrong move, and it could cost you dearly, much as if you were in a real - life situation. The vibrant, medieval colors and memorable characters you get to play with here are likewise of great remembrance in the heart of many brave players; they truly feel like they’re in the story, enveloped in the plot itself. 

You start by creating the right troops for the job; then, you use them to fight and defend your company as needed, carefully executing each movement. There is a level of risk involved, as well, so each move must be perfectly thought out, mapped out and executed with as much precision as is humanly possible. And you never know what the next step will hold. Many enemies arise along your path, and you must determine when to fight or when to flee, if you can…..

Fire Emblem: Awakening

Fire Emblem: Awakening 1 Fire Emblem: Awakening 2 Fire Emblem: Awakening 1
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In addition, have you heard of a game called Fire Emblem: Awakening? You probably have. The Fire Emblem series is insanely popular and has been called a rival to some of the Final Fantasy series’ best games as well; and both series of games offer turn - based RPG action and lovable weapons, battlefields, and protagonists, too. And with this game, in particular, there’s no telling where the journey will take you next. You simply need to take things one step at a time and stay well ahead of all your opponents.

Play as Roth, Marth, or any other beloved character. Engage medieval battle like never before. Rise and conquer like your tomorrow depends on it, because it does….. 

Advance Wars: Dual Strike

Advance Wars: Dual Strike 2 Advance Wars: Dual Strike 1

Advance Wars: Dual Strike, first of all, is a modern game offered on the Nintendo DS. It’s made the list of top games time and again. You move constantly throughout the game as its storylines take place within numerous different locations, so you are never stagnant or bored altogether. Does that alone not just remind you of Final Fantasy Tactics or of other games in its lineup? I think it will. You can learn more about it HERE

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor

SMTDS a game like Final Fantasy Tactics
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Another game on the list is the glorious “Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor”, which you can play within several bending storylines. Also, the ending of the game can be one of several; you get to decide. The cutscenes will also vary based on how you choose to move forward throughout the game, and you’ll never find a Japanese action turn - based RPG that resembles Final Fantasy Tactics quite like this one. That’s a fact. 

The content and its mysterious ‘plot twists’ are actually very deep in this one, and you’ll never get bored. Plus, you can do so many things, like go to war, investigate a war or something else, create your team, escape from an ensuing battle, and so much more. The options are just about as infinite as the storyline and its endings. 

Front Wars

Another new game that would make this list is that of Front Wars, which you can easily play from both your droid devices or any iOS, respectively. Here’s a bit more. Throw the right attacks, control your army in turn - by - turn movement play, and even anticipate every following move or counterattack your opponent might make….all while planning a few surprises of your own. This game rules, according to most online players. Get it HERE on Steam or HERE for Android or HERE for IOS .

Battle Worlds: Kronos

I'm not 100% sure this one even belongs on this page but here it is ....

Battle Worlds Kronos
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There’s also Kronos, a Battle World game, which is all about teaching you, as a new player, how best to use your limited resources in order to engage the enemy more effectively. Strategy, wit and timing are a must, and there are many different levels and arenas to play in as well. You have to create enough units that will be able to strike at your enemy’s base. As you play further and further into the game, you’ll unlock playable maps and advance to greater challenges, using everything (and everyone) at your rightful disposal. Also, you get wide customizations within this game, not to mention other activities you can easily engage in, such as blocking the pathways of your enemies, repairing your own weapons or vehicles, and even transporting your troops as needed; not every action is battle here, though most of the major ones do take place on the battlefield, so keep that in mind.

Modern Warfare

I'm not 100% sure this one even belongs on this page but here it is ....

Also, modern warfare - type tanks, missiles, battlefields, soldiers and more are seen in it. The game also offers 28 turn - based campaign missions you get to play in, each one different from any other you’ve seen before….though they visually resemble Final Fantasy Tactics’s. The dual front battles mean that you can easily win through using your intelligence and putting together the right strategy and moves. 

Games Like Final Fantasy Tactitcs - Choices

As we can see there are tons of different choces if you are looking for games like Final Fantasy Tactics. FFT games are absolutly excellent and if you are looking for something similar you are sure to have a good experience. We've covered a bunch of great games that should give you the experience you are looking for. We hope you’ll try any of these games!