GoldenEye 007 N64

Author: Efrain Silva

GoldenEye 007, for the Nintendo 64, was just about as smooth as oil for both Bond and Nintendo lovers of the late 1990’s. I know, I was both, and I connected well with a game like this, especially since it let me put in all kinds of cheat codes in order to get special perks on unlimited firepower, addicting kill modes, invincibility and so much more. And of course, we can’t forget the storyline of the game either. Goldeneye 007 N64 is widely regarded as one of the best games of its time.

Secret Agent Story

In this story, 007 Secret Agent James Bond is on a foreign mission with a close friend. They rendezvous at a certain meeting point in order to exchange information and collect further data, not to mention finish penetrating a top - security compound facility, which they manage to have made their way around quite easily, with no attention drawn to them. “For England” is their motto, and the two best of spy friends say it during all of their missions together, much more in this one….which appears to be one of their greatest challenges yet. 

However, just as they are planting mine bombs near the major gas pipe tube - points of the compound remote facility (which you will find yourself doing in the very first level of this game, along with going through some amazing, short cut scenes telling you of the story that ensues), they appear to be caught in the act as dozens of military personnel storm the area. Bond’s partner, Alec Trevelyan (also known as Agent 006) is caught and puts his hands up, but Bond remains behind the planted bombs, with his hands on the trigger, and thousands of guns pointed at him. Yet he is behind the shelter of where the bombs are planted, so if any soldier shoots at him, the entire facility will explode. 

Golden Eye 007 N64 Action

Bond has to move out of the way of where he’s at by sneaking behind a cart, that he slowly and carefully moves, so as to jump onto a timing belt, which will put him in the next room….and then he’ll figure it out from there as he moves along, his usual plan, which works, by the way. In the game, however, you simply have to run out to the next room (where the other side of the timing belt to happens to be) and set the bombs off by hitting the remote that activates them. Then, you head outdoors, in the freezing snow, and shoot your way through a few enemies, find a key, run to the abandoned plane sitting by the runway at the edge of the slope (which, in the movie, Bond has to get out to, get inside of, get control of, and then maneuver upwards out of harm’s way, making it a million times harder to do in real life than in the game), and that mission is complete.

The Rest of The Game

Then, the rest of the game becomes about avenging Alec. But is he actually alive? Spoiler alerts…...he is. He was behind the whole thing, and you have now discovered that he is, as a matter of fact, a traitor to his people. How sad...and you thought you were friends. 

Later in the movie (and in the game), that loyalty proves to be nothing more than words of flattery as he makes every attempt to kill you. Stop him before he does. And meet lovely Natalya along the way. This game will have you running, shooting, dodging, driving tanks, setting off explosive mines and so much more. You won’t be bored ; I can ensure you of that. 

And I really liked how the faces of the game’s characters somewhat resemble those of their actors, who played them in the movies. They give somewhat of an ‘air’ of these real life people. And so do some of the game’s quick cut scenes. 

How much is 007 GoldenEye N64 worth today?

That’s a great question, one that even non - Nintendo players are still asking. The ‘loose price’, as well as the CIB price range, for this particular game, can stand at anywhere from $20 - $60, in general terms ; it depends on where you get it and the condition that it’s in when you do so. According to many sources, the exact loose price, as of right now, sits at $22.20, not bad at all considering you’re paying for a classic title that has changed the way many people see James Bond gaming. 

Where is the flight recorder in GoldenEye 007?

You’ll find it in the statue park level, getting to the helicopter just before that timer runs out. Move Nataly to safety before the explosion goes off, and then descend the hill to see an orange object there which --- you guessed it --- is the item you are looking for. 

GoldenEye 007: How to unlock cheats?

Thankfully, there’s many great cheat options in this game, and if you find yourself to be in need of a great hack, don’t beat yourself up. It doesn’t make you a ‘cheater’ ; I know that, back in the day upon this game’s release, my friends and I all ‘cheated’ lots, so it’s to be expected, to some degree. 

Anyways, go to the Cheats Menu before beginning to play, and there, you can randomly turn these off or on (like a switch, at will). You can use push - button codes for cheats. And you can also unlock levels the hard way. There’s cheats you can type in, such as “Invincible”, “All Guns”, “Bond Invisible”, “DK Mode” and others. I still remember how fun it was getting through all the levels as an invincible Bond, taking gun fire and not even getting a scratch...and I would sneak up on my enemies when they were not even aware of it. It was a blast of a time --- literally. 

When did GoldenEye 007 come out?

The game came out in fall of 1997, August, to be exact. And its release was just about a couple years after the official GoldenEye movie came out, starring Pierce Brosnan and Sean Bean. The game followed the movie well, showing forth some of its major plot points, too, just as they transpire in the movie. Fans loved this part.