Elder Scrolls: Blades

Author: Efrain Silva

Welcome to a mobile - RPG world you have never been a part of before : Vision re - imagined.

Bethesda Game Studios, the same genius masterminds that brought you games like Skyrim, now come up with another promising smash hit title, Elder Scrolls : Blades, a game you cannot miss out on. This first - person RPG mobile phone (yes, that’s right) game will have your screen, but hopefully not your head (major headache --- ouch) spinning round and round from the thought of it. You’ll be fully engaged on those buttons as you move up, down, around, and into action! Get your head in the game, and keep it there, because Elder Scrolls : Blades

Is here to make you shout with excitement….now let’s see some further details on the game, shall we?

The single - player storylines, according to some reviews seen online already, are truly out of this world and take you to a whole new era --- time and place you never imagined or even dreamed of in your greatest fantasies. The color comes alive, the stage is packed with plenty of action, and intriguing story punches, and more. In fact, all the storyline in single - player mode alone allow you to make every bold attempt at becoming the true warrior and champion that your city so desperately needs --- can you heed its call and rise to the challenge?

Also, in this mobile game, you get to create --- and later customize --- your very own cities in the way you deem best fit. You get to be the creator of their every layout, so be sure that you create something destined to last, especially when taking future generations into account….their fate may one day rest on the city that you have built, so don’t let them down! You can also restore old cities to their original greatness, and --- heck, why not? --- make them even better than they ever were before. Now we’re talking…..

And to further add to the awesomeness, if you ever want to take out some tension (from work, finances, other stressors in life), you can hash it out with roommates, spouses, friends or other acquaintances in what the game knows only as “1 - on 1 arena battles”. Can you survive, when all others have succumbed? That is the real question.

MORE you will want to know about the game…..

The inventory of weapons, special items, armor upgrades, and even skills and abilities, is truly impressive, too. And with this game, no less was to be expected. Notably, screenshots may be viewed online, of this….showing a Steel Longsword, an Elven Helmet, and more that you can get. IT’S PRETTY COOL!

The combat system itself? Yes, yes, yes! We know you’ve been waiting to read about it...well, here it is ---- it is fully worth the wait! It promises any new players, that he or she will be taken in for the ride of their life….to put it lightly. The combat system is --- how should we say it? ---- cutting edge.

And the never - ending abyss of challenges and action, in the game, certainly do contribute to that. Let it be known. What else?

Well, “Quest. Create. Conquer.” That is the whole 3 - word motto of the game, and rightly said. That is what any solid RPG title ought to be about, right?

Apple App Store, Google Play Store --- you can get this game on both and tell your friends about it. You can also play it in a variety of languages not limited to English only (especially if playing multiplayer internationally, or even with friends or family in other countries, respectively). The game will come in Italian, German, Spanish, French, Russian as well. So now there’s no excuse, in terms of “language barrier”, that is going to keep you or someone else from enjoying a great mobile RPG title like this…..

The story behind this great title, you ask? Great question. Let me tell you a bit : It all takes place in an ancient empire in which The Blades (its top agents, so to speak), get forced into exile. And while you play this game, you start out sort of “on the run” and then immediately return to your hometown --- only to find that it has been completely obliterated. This kind of suspense and drama - intensity buildup is both enough to get new players interested in the further - developing storyline and keep all others engaged --- nice job, developers.

Early Access? Oh, my!

Both iOS and Android device users were recently able to get what the developers call “Early Access” information. You had to register for it. And such information came in the form of an email invite, later on as further details were released…..

The best part is this : Are you truly ready to know what it is? Jump up, clap your hands and shout : Early Access members are, in no way, obligated to keep confidential any information they receive as no NDA is in place. This means you can take photos, share videos and screen details, plot developments, and anything else that has come your way from the Early Access team. I know….sick, right?

Final thoughts?

Did you also know you’ll be able to do other unique / interesting things in this game? Such as what???? Well, sneaking around others (non - playable persons or characters, generally) will be one thing. Moving around dead corpses (yes, that’s right) will be another…..

PvP mode, and the Arena, additionally, will not be available just yet --- but don’t worry ; they are still announced to be released quite soon thereafter, so keep your eyes and ears open for any updates on that. Numerous types of mobile devices are expected to be supported with these features. Keep updated for further detail specifics on that as well…..

Check out more on Twitter and the main website of the game as news hits the floor every single day. And last but not least, make some noise! This game promises to break mobile records many times over!!!!!