Open World Android Games

Are you an open world type of guy or gal? Nothing wrong with that --- no, not at all. If you do consider yourself a true fanatic, then, here are a few suggested games you may want to add to your apps collection.

Open World Android Games

Check them out and have some fun. Some games are even free to play. Some also contain the unavoidable….ads. But if you don’t mind a few in - game ads included here and there, then keep reading and give any of the following games a shot……  

Vast Survival

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First on the list is Vast Survival, which is everything its title declares. You must survive. And the world you play in is vast indeed! But there’s much more to take quick note of here, such as the fact that you can build, fight, run, explore, and so much more….and you can even do so from inside of a multi - player’s mode. How cool is that? You get about 100 km of open - world playing you can explore within, testing your limits as you go along.

Not only that, but keep in mind that you can even play with 26 players at a time, if you’re in the multiple player function. You will need a strong, stable internet connection in order to do so, of course. So just keep that in mind. But also, you get voice chat functions, the option to play as a logged in player or simply as a guest, and much more.

The game itself offers some insane graphics, first person playing options (with third person viewing, of course), cross - platforming (for those who use an iOS device as well), engaging sceneries and scene graphics, and much more than this. Build, craft, design, hunt, and even download at maximum memory consumptions of only up to 150 MB, which really won’t take up too much memory or space….or even time to download. Plus, screen loading times are minimized. This game wins in many players’ books, for all these reasons mentioned and more.

Play the game entirely for free. And if you so choose to purchase any of the add - ons it offers, through ads and more, then you can do so as pressure at all. The free version of this game, like with most other free mobile app games, does come with ads….so be aware of that and proceed as you wish, brave adventurer. Also, keep in mind that the game already boasts of millions of downloads, so it’s no wonder it’s a top choice. And with so many others like it on the list, it fights to keep its 4.⅘ - star ratings on Google Play; so far, it does well in meeting its quota, so try the game out if you like what you hear.

Six-Guns: Gang Showdown

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Want another title? How about Six-Guns: Gang Showdown for the Android? This game is made by none other than Gameloft, one of the best game creators out there in this genre. And it shows. Bravely explore what your world was like in the past, set in a timeline of the Wild Wild West’s frontier in Oregon, Arizona and Colorado, respectively. Tycoons, bandits, cowboys, preachers and more; this game has all the main stereotype characters you would expect to see in this timeframe, all with memorable personalities and roles to play.

And to further add, you can even play in the classic single player mode, in an event’s mode, in multi - player mode, and even lottery games that are offered on the side….to test your luck. Get a third person view as you play this first person game. Make your moves count, too, and openly explore the world around you; there’s no limits to where you can go or what you can do, only the ones you set.

Also, this Wild West shoot - out game offers you 40 different missions to engage in, not to mention 8 different kinds of horses you can ride on as you travel to and from town to town. Plus, there’s about 19 different weapons you can unlock, which gives you a whole lot more fire power at your free disposal….and a shootin’ good time overall. You not only fight your way through areas, but you also get to help people along your path, such as beautiful damsels in distress (can’t complain about that, right?). The game is free, with some in - app purchases included, and does, of course, host ads. It’s got the same ratings as the last one we mentioned, on Google’s App Store and holds millions of recent downloads as well.

Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath

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This is Oddworld. Its a very interesting game with incredible graphics. You are probably going to need a device with specs that can handle it.

Captain Sabertooth - Open World Android Game

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This game seems kinda cool. It is worth trying at the very least. Give it a shot if you like pirates and simple 3D.

Desert Joyride

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Tried Desert Joyride yet? This is another great open world game you ought to give a go to. The entire desert is yours to freely drive around in as you seek to better undo some stress or simply learn the world around you. Desert dominance is a must here, and you alone can determine how much you wish to dominate!

Yes, the game’s free, but there’s ads. But no in - app purchases are offered. The game’s got less than a million downloads, so far, but that will soon change….as those numbers are steadily increasing every month. The average Google Play game rating seen here is that of 4.0/5 --- not too shabby…

School of Chaos

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School of Chaos (kind of sounds like School or Rock but with a different modern twist, right?) is another good choice. It’s an online MMORPG game like not any other. The open world, 3D, school environment you get to check out speaks for itself….try the game out. You can even learn to fight using up to 30 different moves. Nice, right?

So it is technically open world but it isn't huge and massive like you would exepect. It is 3D and it is "interesting". Give it a shot if you want something different.

Minecraft - The Best Open World Android Game

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Last but not least, there is Minecraft. This is the mother of all open world games. Minecraft is probably one of the best open world games out there. It isn't for everybody but personally, this is one of my favorite games.

Hopefully, this small list of open world Android games will be worth your while. Check them out. Leave any comments or reviews, for the game’s developers to take into consideration, and for future players to keep in mind when deciding on a new game. These games are addicting and fun….so player’s discretion advised. Play on, and keep on playing til’ you win!