Check this out!  Oceanhorn is the name of the game of choice, this time around, guys. Check it out here, where we’re going to talk a bit more about it!

The story of the game

First of all, Oceanhorn: Master of Uncharted Seas is the full name of the game here, and it originally came out back in 2013 --- yet it still makes a few waves today, mainly as a game that is still remembered and played...as is its sequel. But that’s a topic for another time. Anyways, Oceanhorn, in my mind, resembles games like the Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker for its love or mystical lore combined with great story plot, colorful settings and people, and not to mention amazing water voyages and scenery altogether. In fact, water adventure lovers of fiction games, this is one you need to try.  

I remember all those games I used to love in the Legend of Zelda series, especially those in which the main character Link would end up on uncharted waters or shipwrecked somewhere. These are the games I instantly recall to mind when I look at a game like this one. That’s no lie….and I’m taken back to a time in which life was a whole lot simpler, when I would even forget about the many problems it carries and would simply “get away from reality for a bit”. I still do, but it’s sure not as often. That I miss, my younger gamer days…..

And guess what? Oceanhorn, actually, follows a plot twist that is not at all too unsimilar to Wind Waker or Link to the Past, respectively: It’s all about a young, daring boy becoming a man and fighting beasts as he ventures out into the great unknown, through land and water (but mainly water, or ocean, hence the name of the title). And that’s what it’s all about! 

Guess what else? Just like in the Wind Waker, this young man has to travel everywhere by means of a very small ship, his map and compass, a few weapons, and a brave heart full of courage (and a knack for some treachery, of course). I truly wonder which game came first, then ----- the Wind Waker or this one? Or at least, which one copied the idea and gameplay / story line from the other?

A bit more on the game itself

Uncharted Islands is a land that offers many puzzles, quests, monsters, secrets and more. Will you survive? Will the best of you come out?

But let’s talk more on the features of the game itself, which you’re likely looking to know more on, am I right? Well, first of all, this special RPG game only requires 1 GB of RAM in order to play it on your Android device. That’s one of the best parts, so if you can set aside a small chunk of memory and space on your phone, then you’re all good to go --- that’s all you really need.

Next, the game even lets you customize its graphics settings. How many do you know that let you do that, and from a mobile phone? That’s a big win right there.

Plus, furthermore, it’s offered in 3D or regular. You can choose. Decide how you want to play, keeping in mind that your eyes and mind may, in fact, get tired more easily after remaining in 3D mode for too long; like all other body areas, they too need a break. So remember to stop and stretch, or go for a brief walk, every now and again…..

Most players have also noted that the touch controls on this kind are very accurate and do not require a lot of stylus pinpointing, though that’s certainly one route you could go if you really wanted to, but instantly react to your every touch. In other words, unlike with so many other RPG mobile games out on the player’s market today, with this one, you will at least not have to worry about tapping and tapping and tapping --- just waiting for a slow response as your screen just froze from memory overload and a poor connection --- as this is usually not the case here. A quick tap on the screen leads, naturally, to a quick response from it, and that’s how it should be when you’re playing any game you wish to enjoy. 

Kenji Ito and Nobuo Uematsu, legendary music artists, are also featured in this game; or at least, their music is, offering more than 10 hours of it all throughout your game play experience. It will make all the difference, believe me there. Good background music is, in fact, at the heart of every good game, mobile or otherwise. And here it’s no different in any sense. Why should it be?

Final thoughts, anyone?

The story driven gameplay and its quality here will blow you out of the water as will the fantastic cut scenes and plot surprises you find everywhere in between. All in all, I would have to give this game a 10 out of 10 stars in excellence, and that’s just my opinion, of course. You are entitled to your own, but I may frown upon it….kidding, kidding.

In all seriousness, though, try this game out. Download it in full when you are in a good connection area, such as somewhere where WiFi is strong in your home. And then when it’s fully downloaded for offline play, for instance, you will be able to play it anywhere else when the need arises. 

Let’s say you end up in a nearly boring wait for your new tires to get placed at the auto shop, and the wait time is expected to be anywhere from 1 - 2 hours, at least. That’s the perfect time to crank out your phone and play some Oceanhorn. Or how about when you’re listening to that new “exciting” sales report at work? Instead of snoring, sneak away to the restroom and crank out your “gamer spirit” for a few moments…..