Banjo Tooie

Author: Efrain Silva

Review of the game 

Banjo Tooie was a sequel of sequels, when it came to N64 - Rare classics that are still talked about in this day. The game had everything its sequel had, which was Banjo Kazooie, but included much more of it….and in a whole new way. In this game, it appears the evil Gruntilda, who had died in the last game, is being resurrected by one of her nasty, right - hand minions. After her resurrection is a success, she goes after Banjo and Kazooie, blasting at their home (of which they are not there, at the present moment), killing their dearest friend instead, who goes by the name of Bottles. 

The cool part is that, even though Bottles is dead, technically, his spirit is still alive….and you do get to see him and speak with him later in the game. Now, it’s on. Gruntilda must be stopped, once again, hopefully for good this time. Can Banjo and Kazooie make it happen once more? I believe they can, and that’s what this awesome sequel game seeks to explore. 

In Banjo Tooie, I love being able to fly, use Golden Feathers, roll around, punch, backflip, do regular flips, climb, side jump and do so much more. Who would have thought one bear and his bird would be so talented, after all? Well, considering everything that they did go through in the last game (thanks to no - good Gruntilda), I would imagine they have picked up quite the talent and skill, so it should come as no surprise to see them put these to the test once more. 

And what’s more is this : Some other classic, unforgettable characters --- yes, like the hocus pocus shaman known as Mumbo Jumbo --- do come back once more for this game. Remember how he would often do his little ‘spiel’ and jump up and down, dancing around, singing and chanting his magical enchantments until something good would occur? Well, he’s back at his game, once again, doing his thing --- in    style.

But new characters have been added in for this game as well, increasing the plot, and the overall fun for the players, too. You also get to meet a King of the Jinjos, King Jingaling. Plus, there’s a new female Mumbo Jumbo, as some would call her, who is like a Native American witch doctor of sorts. She’s the good kind, though, as you would expect. 

What’s also interesting is that Klungo, after losing so many times to Banjo, Kazooie, and their friends, and taking grief from Gruntilda for doing so, finally amends his ways and decides to join forces with the good guys to help them stop her. This was quite a twist to behold as a player. And many players like me loved it ; I guess there is a shot at redemption, for anyone who really wants it, after all. It was a nice little everyday lesson for us all to learn from….you may have a bad past, be ugly or ‘useless’, according to others (or even both, ugly and useless), but it doesn’t have to be true….you define who you are and what your actions will be, not anyone else. 

There’s 150 total characters in the game, including even minor enemies and non - playables. There are so many people, after all, that you get to talk to and run into along the way….both for better and for worse, it seems. And that’s part of the surprise of playing --- you never know who you will meet next, and that’s a fact. Also, over 3 million units of this game sold, globally, so it was quite a hit ; some even consider it a sequel that surpassed its original. 

Later on, a few years down the road, an Xbox 360 version of this game came out, and it brought old fans (and some new ones also) back into the heart of the action. It was a nice little moment of ‘reminiscing’. Many also mentioned that the characters in this game were “impossible not to like”, and much more now that a remastered version of it came out, drawing in new younger and older audiences alike. And guess what else, too, or should I say tooie?

Jigsaw puzzles and musical notes do return in this game ; you haven’t seen the last of them. And thank goodness, because they were so much fun. Plus, this game keeps its positive, colorful vibes, just as the last one had. You feel ‘great inside’ playing a game like this one, and I’m not the only one who has said it. Look online, and read other user testimonies. 

Not only are the worlds a sight for sore eyes. But also, the background music in each area is truly upbeat and uplifting altogether. You feel like you’re watching a Honey Nut Cheerios commercial on a bright, Saturday morning…..  

How many jiggies to beat Banjo Tooie? 

You only need 55 jiggies to access the lair of Gruntilda this time. That’s shooting kind of low, but I guess it is intended for those players who simply can’t wait to get to the ending and unveil the full game. If you want to challenge yourself, though, try and collect every single item there is. There’s 90 full jiggies in the entire game. 

Where to buy Banjo Tooie?

You can buy it online, most likely used. Or go to a local used video game store like Buy - Back Games, Game Crazy, or Game Stop. If they don’t have a copy in their store, they might be able to have the connections to order one for you….which you can pick up from them there.  

How to open area 51 in Banjo Tooie? 

Get in there right through Oogle Boogle’s Cave. Then, blow down the gate. But to do all this, you have to have gone in through Witchy World. 

Where is the ice key in Banjo Tooie? 

Go into Jingo Village’s sandier area. Jump on that rock. Then you’ll Grip Grab onto the ledge that’s there, which will bring you to the ice key. 

How long to beat Banjo Tooie? 

You can beat the game in about 14 - 15 hours when focused. If you’re a little slower than most, give it about 16 - 18.