Banjo Kazooie

Author: Efrain Silva

Review of the game 

Banjo Kazooie is an amazing game still, even after many years. It’s all about the adventures of a bear and his pet bird as they head out to explore a new world and save Banjo’s (the bear’s) sister from an evil witch. It is full of puzzles, surprises and action all along the way, making it an original Nintendo Player’s Choice game back in the day. So here’s how the story unfolds….. 

Gruntilda is an evil (not to mention ugly and heartless) witch with a capital B. Her intent has always been to cause mischief and panic to all who live in the world around her, as well as to rule it with an iron fist one day. But she looks at herself in the mirror one morning, a mirror that cannot lie (like all of them can’t) and sees her ugly complexion, according to the her, for the very last time….so she comes up with a plan. She wishes to steal the beauty of any female who is far younger and more beautiful than her, putting the victim inside a machine she has invented, and transferring the victim’s youth, vigor and beauty into herself…...while also transferring her ugliness, age, warts and all else onto the victim’s body. Consider it a ‘body swap’ freakier than the one you may have seen in Freaky Friday, except, here, it’s featured in an E - rated (E for Everyone, meaning all ages can dive in and play it) Nintendo game for kids… the subtle messages and disgusting plot have been toned down a bit, heh. 

This was one of my top - choice Nintendo games, too, besides Star Fox, Mario, and of course, the Legend of Zelda (my number one franchise for life). This game had all kinds of great little cut scenes, open world playing and more. The characters in it, too, who help out Banjo and Kazooie, were not to be forgotten about. They were truly something special for back in the day. I remember Mumbo Jumbo, the crazy skeleton shaman, who was quite a laugh. Just seeing him do his chants, jump up and down (and around), and make his statements was beyond hilarious. 

“Itam botam”, or something like that, was what he would always say in the game. Who knows what it meant? But, it did work, and whatever spell he seemed to cast certainly played out its full effect.

Gruntilda’s minions, as well, were somewhat laudable in their role ; they played the part well and would do every single little annoying thing to try to stop me from beating the game. They appeared in different forms on different levels, but were no less of a threat in each. Plus, the action controls and moves that the game allowed me to do were amazing, too ; I could jump, flip, backflip, drop, roll, punch (or jab), and even fly. Heck, I could do it all! 

The two protagonists, of course, I did bond with as well. I think all players did. Banjo was a humble, sleep - loving bear, and Kazooie was a loquacious, red, parrot - like blabbermouth. They were great together. 

How long to beat Banjo Kazooie? 

If you’re quick with those hands, you can do it in about 13. Slower players take 15 - 17 hours, generally. 

Who made Banjo Kazooie? 

Rare made the game. But it partnered with Nintendo. Rare went out of business awhile ago and ventured toward other franchise endeavors. ( bought by Microsoft )

When did Banjo Kazooie come out? 

The game came out in summer of 1998. Some speculate it will be re-released in future dates as well.  

How many mumbo tokens are in Banjo Kazooie? 

Popular opinion holds that there’s 115, an incorrect guess, but close. In actuality, there are a full 116. 

Banjo Kazooie : How to get to Click Clock Wood? 

Hit a switch to make a pad pop up right by the puzzle. You’ll find the pad where the 765 note door is at ; backflip your way up a few leaves in that same area. 

How many levels / worlds in Banjo Kazooie? 

There’s 9 very unique worlds to be explored throughout this game, not including Gruntilda’s Lair and Spiral Mountain, which are massive open - play areas as well (but not technically considered ‘levels’ or ‘worlds’, respectively). The main levels are Click Clock Wood, Treasure Trove Cove, Bubblegloop Swamp, Mumbo’s Mountain, Clanker’s Cavern, Rusty Bucket Bay, Fungus Forest, Gobi’s Valley and Freezeezy Peak.

How to kill the bull in Banjo Kazooie? 

This game only has 3 bulls in it : There’s one in Mumbo Mountain, one in Gruntilda’s Lair and one in Click Clock Wood. This animal is fierce, just like a real bull, and wishes only to kill you ; take it out fast by using your Gold Feathers. You can’t kill it, though, just knock it out temporarily. Or you can also hit it the normal way, three times, to knock it out. 

Banjo Kazooie : What happens When you run out of lives? 

It’s “Game Over”. Then, you start again from where you saved last.

How many jiggies to beat Banjo Kazooie? 

That’s a great question. Technically, you only need 94 in order to pass with the minimum. But collect all of them, along with the notes, and you may unlock more bonuses along the way, not to mention an alternate ending to the game.