The Mystery of Blackthorn Castle

What a cool name for a mobile game, right? We concur. And perhaps the coolest part, about it all, is its storyline….which, this time, we will disclose…..

First off, it all starts out when you find out that your uncle Henry is in dire need of your help, this time, to find a very ancient artifact that could be the key to more. This game is not a slash n’ dash type of action game, though, but rather a simple point n’ click puzzle - adventure game, making it unique. We need a bit of something different, in our lives, as players, every now and I right?

You play in a 14th - century surrounding, in this game, so remember all those things you learned as a child, in school, from textbooks and more. You need to go back there mentally and physically. You will also get to play as an archeologist of the time, one who follows the whims and passions of his uncle, apparently, who is both quite the genius and historian strategist, all in all. It is up to you to help him --- think you can do it?

You play both in and around Blackthorn Castle. Your overall goal is to find more clues and puzzles, in this apparently never - ending quest, until you (and hopefully that uncle of yours) is truly satisfied. You’ll go through libraries, dark forests, hidden paths, and so much more. There is no place in the game that you should not consider checking is all there for you, to keep you both occupied and entertained, so game on!

You, as the player’s character, have always known your uncle Henry, and when you were a child, he was quite fond of you and would tell you stories --- stories about the treasures, artifacts, mysteries, and much more surrounding the times. And now that you are older and wiser, and a proven archeologist, you must ensure that these stories and tales are true, and that those artifacts really do exist out there, somewhere, just waiting for you to pick them up and unravel them even further. How fun!

England’s Castle Blackthorn, as you will find later in the game, appears to have been the last known place in which a very rare artifact was last spotted. And this, as you will also find, later serves as a pivotal reference point for you while in the game. Do not forget that, if you wish to be a success as a player. And the tale that many tell, in this respect, is that a very powerful wizard once lived in that castle and was up to no good ; according to the story, furthermore, that wizard stole this aforementioned artifact, and from no less than a humble, local watchmaker who resided in the area, and then hid it within the castle’s deepest parts.

This storyline is quite unique. No other known RPG games, puzzle - like or otherwise, that are known and well - played (whether on mobile devices or not, it doesn't really matter) will hold a storyline even similar to the one we can spot here in this game. And that also makes the game unique and highly worth playing. The storyline, as simple as it sounds, is still catchy and invites room for further thought and adventure. That is what some players have said, and they’ve loved going further into the puzzle to find out ‘what happens later’ in the story and what else may (and will) unravel.

The HD graphics are also custom - designed in this game, meaning they are not like any others you will see. Also, a nice little feature is that you can auto - save your own progress, at will, meaning that, unlike with countless other mobile titles for RPG, action or puzzle genres, you will not have to reach certain ‘save points’ for progress. That is always a huge ‘breather’ that many players like. Even if they should die or fail at some point, they can just pick up where they saved last...and hopefully, they saved right before doing so.

The sound effects, not to mention the full soundtrack itself, are also custom - composed. They are completely original for this game, and unique, as well. You will not hear them anywhere else. The game’s map can also show you not only your current geographical place, but also, places you have been to before, while exploring. This helps you when you need to track your progress, remember all that you have come from, see the full world map together, and your place on it, and much more. Most maps, on these kinds of games, will usually just show you where you’re at, and several will not show you where you’ve come from, where you’re heading to, or the progress in between, so that’s always nice that this game does things a little differently, isn’t it?

This mobile game is also not just limited for mobile play ; it works on a tablet as well. So consider it a mobile / tablet puzzle game, respectively. And to add, you will likely not find as many puzzles or clues, in other competitor games, as you will here...the game is literally loaded with them. You can also make beyond the usual types of in - app purchases, on this game, such as faster travel.

Yes, that’s right --- faster travel. Wouldn’t you like to be able to speed up the travel and progress times of your game? Very few games can offer this. In fact, the only one I can think of, right off the bat, is this one.

And if you get stuck, you can buy some hints, too, through that same awesome play store. Usually, you would only be able to buy items, upgrades, weapons, characters and such, as in - app purchases. But the fact that this game also lets you buy hints to help you when stuck is also incredible…..