Fortnite vs PUBG

Author: Efrain Silva

Meet two great games for two great types of players! We love both. But, of course, each has its own ups and downs. Fortnite vs PUBG, let’s take a look closer.

Fortnite vs PUBG: The visual style

First off, both mobile adaptations of their PC originals do it well here. It’s hard to fully contrast. Fortnite is a bit more “cartoony” here but not in a bad way at all. You have to try both out yourself to get a real feel for the difference….both offer a rich array of colors and graphics either way, making it harder to choose from one over the other.

The Gameplay Itself

This is totally something else! Free - for - all fighting, with limitless moves and options, is here in both games. “Imminent danger”, though, is more perceived in PUBG than in Fortnite Mobile, in this sense. In this game, you can both “play cautiously” and also “run toward action” at the same time.

Fortnite vs PUBG: The System of Controls

PUBG Mobile, many agree, has better controls. Numerous types of control schematics have been anticipated and built well into the game, and you can tell from just playing a few minutes of it ; it can make a world of difference indeed, and you can even customize these controls however way you want. Fortnite, on the other hand entirely, features no type of customizable controls, making things simpler but not as fun or appealing to the player.

This was part of a decision made by the game’s decision team. They had the final say in the matter and decided to go with such approach. You can still build, set traps, and more, though…..

The “cross - platform”

Some call it the “cross - platform experience”, and that is definitely something that is worth talking about here, however briefly. First of all, we want to note that both games, as we mentioned, do resemble some portion of their PC original counterparts...yet each of the two varies in just how much. For instance, play long enough on both games, and you will soon come to find that PUBG is a whole heck of a lot more stand - alone than is Fortnite.

Yes, PUBG Mobile is a totally different game, in many respects, than its computer version, making it far more original (and hopefully drawing in more people to the mass potential that mobile gaming, when done right, can bring to the world of apps and gaming, in general). Let this be a known fact. Across both platforms, respectively, PUBG is an entirely different game, offering an entirely different experience. And there is more to be said on that another time…..

Fortnite vs PUBG: The Bots

In PUBG, bots enter the battle royale. They are a major component of it, in fact. The same cannot be said of Fortnite Mobile, and this is perhaps what makes the biggest difference between the two, at least in this sense.

In addition, you will find only 10 - 20 actual live players found in the first few matches ; bots populate the rest of that game. This is so unique to PUBG. Just keep that in mind.

Fortnite vs PUBG: Game Modes + Maps

Game modes, and even number of maps, varies greatly between the two titles. And additionally, Fortnite Mobile actually uses the same map that its PC version used, so no difference at all there. Limited - time game modes, as well, are only found in Fortnite, making it far different from PUBG: The “Sniper Shootout’ and “50 vs 50” are perfect examples of this.

Fortnite vs PUBG: Getting Around

You can get around your worlds rather quickly, in both games. Yet for each, you go about doing so in a very different fashion, I might add. PUBG shows motorcycles and cars, for instance, all throughout its map, spread out in a very real and “true to reality” sort of way. When they take too much damage, interestingly enough, they can actually explode. And realistically, they can even run low (or entirely out of) on gas, once they’ve covered too much distance.

With Fortnite, you see more quad bikes, golf carts and other types of vehicles. Note this, too. You can glide across the map in this game and even increase speed and distance through numerous unique ways, a whole range of them.

The “Mobile - Only” Goodies

Mobile - only features --- and thank God for this --- are actually spread out across both of these games, so whichever you pick, know that you will have these functions available as you play on your phone anywhere. Touch - screen phone devices love these types of features….what are a few of them, speaking of which? Well, we have auto pickup, aim assist, directional indication, and more….both games offer these functions quite well, and it’s a matter of preference, honestly (some consider this part a “draw” or “tie” between both, too).

The Monetization Piece Behind It All

The content on both of these games is, indeed, monetized quite drastically different….like heaven and earth. Some have noted that Fortnite’s approach has been a whole lot more successful, I might add. Players need to buy Battle Passes about every 3 - 4 months in Fortnite. Upgrades and unique rewards then become available.

PUBG’s approach is a bit more traditional. It’s also far less original, some would add. In - game currencies, and actual hard real - live currencies, are involved. It’s a “loot box” type of system that’s used here, with full respect toward the phrase…..

The overall performance & final thoughts

The Unreal Engine 4, luckily, is what both games run on. This is a tried - and - true platform, as many of us already know ; it has shown its fullest potential, in every sense, and its best days still seem to be ahead of it, thankfully. The amazing Epic Games created the Unreal Engine 4, by the way, just a side note. Both games perform equally beautifully on a mobile level (just as they did on a PC level) and can drain much of your battery, as well, if you’re not careful….keep that charger handy for when you want to play for hours at a time.

Uniquely, Fortnite is compatible with more Android types of devices. There’s a huge list, circulating online, as to which ones. Just Google it. But in the end, the pros and cons are both equally admirable / considerable, so you should play both mobile games and see which you prefer…..

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