The Star Fox Series

Author: Efrain Silva

The long and winding history of the Star Fox saga is one that is still being recreated, with greater and greater depth, as the years go by. I still love this series as much today as I used to back in 1993, when its first game (called ‘Star Fox’, simple title that got it all started) came out to the world by means of the then - popular SNES (SUPER NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM) gamer’s console. And that was back in a day when gaming wasn’t as explosively popular (and addicting) as it is today. Back then, gaming was just a ‘downtime hobby’ that the less busy would get into...from time to time ; anyways, that’s my take on it, but let’s talk about Star Fox some more, as well as its rich evolution and transition over these years….

Time has been good to Nintendo, across stars, galaxies, and consoles. And just about every single one of the latter, going from the SNES to the Wii-U, now, has seen Star Fox’s characters in it, and that’s a good thing --- it means the series is still alive and well beating a full heartbeat. And we, as the most loyal fans there can be, wish to keep it that way for many more years.

Now, though Star Fox for SNES was highly popular, and got the ball rolling, many agree that it was the game after it, Star Fox 64, which really helped the series take off like never before, especially since it was sold in an age in which 3D gaming had been previously unheard of. The very concept of it even being popular, and making mass sales, was ridiculed by some, with much contempt. Yet like never before, the N64 console took off and redefined Nintendo, especially with titles like Super Mario 64, Mario Kart, The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time, Bomberman 64, Banjo - Kazooie, and yes --- of course --- Star Fox 64.

Fox McCloud, the main leader of the Star Fox elite team, even got to make his own debut in Super Smash Bros., the first game (and once again, available first on the glorious N64) to ever combine a group of popular Nintendo characters and pit them together or against each other in epic arenas, for unrivaled multiplayer fun that could last for hours! And, after being in three games, now, as we mentioned, Fox McCloud and his series then made their way onto the next ‘biggest and greatest’ thing, the Nintendo console known as the Gamecube, in a game by the title of Star Fox Adventures.

Now, what was unique about Star Fox Adventures was that it was the very first Star Fox game in which you get to see many characters on the ground. That’s right --- it’s not all about just playing in a cockpit. Nope. This time, Nintendo did things differently and gave players action sequences that did not just involve Arwing blasting and bombing, for a change...taking the saga somewhere it had, indeed, never gone before….

Though the game did not get the best feedback or reviews, it was at least a start. A start to something new. And many knew they’d get to see the beloved characters from Star Fox in future games…..

But speaking of these characters, they are definitely worth mentioning here, especially if you’re a new fan or would like to check out any Star Fox game for your first time. Now, the usual ‘main’ Star Fox team is comprised of these fellows, all male : Fox McCloud, the current leader, Falco Lombardi, his wise - crack best friend and second in command (or so he thinks), Slippy Toad (whose voice sounds like a little girl’s but is actually confirmed to be a male character, oddly enough), and Peppy O’ Hare, who was once a personal friend and ally to Fox’s father, James McCloud (who you get to meet in special cameos like in Star Fox 64, through a secret ending).

And the main villain, on another note, has been Andross, in several appearances. His most notable, to many (including myself) has been in Star Fox 64. Fight him in this game, and you will see why --- it’s an epic battle in which he can even suck your ship into his mouth (literally), chew you up for a few seconds (as you’re inside the ship, which is inside him), and then spit you back out, doing damage to your health. You’ve really got to move quickly on those timed evasions, bombing runs, and shots, until he gives up. And he won’t do so without the fight of your life.

Fox and Falco have usually been the characters featured in the Super Smash Bros. games, and boy, oh boy, are we all excited to hear that another title of that series is coming out. Anyways, the Star Fox series has picked up so much steam in the last few years, that even certain stages in the Super Smash Bros. games have taken after the stages and backgrounds, ships and other battle music - sequences seen in the Star Fox games. How cool is that? It means you can even relive some of your best Star Fox moments as you battle it out with your best friends in multiplayer frenzies.

Many other titles, along the way, as we mentioned, have made it to screens and players’ hearts. There’s titles like Star Fox : Command, Star Fox : Assault, Star Fox : Zero, and Star Fox 64 3D. Star Fox has truly taken on numerous faces, so to speak.

Also, a Star Fox movie has been rumored among many fans, for years now. But so has a good Mario movie (not like the unsuccessful one that came out in the 90’s), a Metroid movie, and maybe even a Zelda title. Yet all these are just rumors and speculations, of course, but it’s a good place to start. And one can always hope.

So check out Star Fox when you can! It’s worth your time. It’s a great series that has yet to live on….