Inotia 4

The Chronicles of Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel is one surprising heck of a good time, for any player who loves mobile or PC gaming and much more. This is a game you can even play on your laptop, as well, if you’ve got the right connections. But anyways, onto the game itself…..

Inotia 4 has got nearly half a million downloads with reviews, most of them positive, up in the 4.6 - star or higher range. This alone speaks for itself, not to mention all the followers that this game holds by means of Twitter, FB, YouTube, and its own main site. You can even play this game on any phone as old as a 2.2 (Android version).  

The game features 6 different classes you can choose to fall into, as well as 90 levels, all in all : These 6 classes include Ranger, Assassin, Priest, Warlock, Warrior, and Black Knight. When you play a game like this one, even on the smallest screen your phone can offer, you still feel like you’re “in on” all the action that it can offer you ---- it puts you in the hot spot, and a lot of those buttons and action commands, we must admit, can definitely get ‘addicting’....take charge of your fight! Own the adventure.

The Shadow Tribe and the Channel of Light are at it again, and this time, it’s game on --- may the best side win. AND GUESS WHAT? That best side can be the side you choose as now the option is once more in the hands of the player. Which side will you take on and stick with, to the end? How will you wage your conquest?

And did I even mention each class can get you in 15 different types of skills? Combine all of them, with your entire class, by class, and have the fun of a lifetime --- unlock your maximum potential….of course, right after finishing all your other daily chores and remembering to play responsibly. As we said, the mobile game can get intensely addicting, at times, so remember to take regular breaks to refresh yourself. Then when you are ready, put on your game face again and let the fun continue! 

You want to get some mercenaries, now, do you? Guess what else? You can pretty much recruit them, right on to your team or party, at any time or any place. You decide on that.

And to further add, you can get more than 20 unique ‘mercenary skills’ to take advantage of --- that is, of course, after you’ve recruited all the mercenaries there are to recruit. Get them all, one by one, and make it count. This has, as a mobile game, one of the best and brightest RPG maps ever, as well…..did you know that about Inotia 4? It is highly remembered as such, for offering this……

Further, the map can show you everything from freezing fields in the snow, to the dryest, hottest deserts you can imagine, to all other big or small stopping points along the way --- there is no telling where you might find yourself next, even if you have combed the map well over a million times in advance. You never end up where you originally planned to, and that’s a part of the glorious ‘surprise element’ that can come with playing such a game…..and believe us --- it is full of surprises! Also, your map (of over 400 maps in unison) can show you some dark forests, amazing dungeons, and other places, too. It's got everything that a mobile fantasy game could ever hope to offer you ; avail yourself of the opportunity to see it all.

Monsters, goblins, friends and allies, it’s all here --- this game combines Final Fantasy, D & D, Game of Thrones, and so much more, in a sense, bringing some of the most creative minds in the fantasy game business. The realms of fantasy and adventure await --- but are you bold enough to cross to the other side of the journey, and finish it in one piece? Will you make it through the quest alive? If not, thank God for “replaying” each level until you win, mastering the game like a pro. And when you’re done, just start all over again! 

Every time you play through the quest, you learn something new. It’s like playing for the first time (even if it’s your fifth, sixth, seventh…..). You won’t stop getting hooked to this wonderful game, and that is what we love about it, insincerity aside. We fully believe it. 

Although you are not required to make any purchase while within the game, you can still choose to do so, if you want. You can buy some items to help you out as you go along for the ride, purchasing them as extras. Want to spend a little on some extra items, to perhaps improve the quality of your playtime and experience with the game? Why not? It’s always an option that’s there for you……

You also get an Infinite Dungeon option, which is offered with the goal of pleasing the even harder, hardcore gamers like myself. And with this option, you don't have to stop having fun. In fact, you can play on…..and on….and on….and on…..and on……..

Had a hard time at work, this last week, with your new boss or some co - workers? Why not forget reality for a bit and get away with this amazing mobile game you can download and run in seconds? Install it, get through the tutorial, and play into it, if you want. It can’t hurt to “escape life” for a little bit…..

Tell your friends about Inotia 4, too. Maybe you can all start a group together, based around this addicting little game. Play together, and wait on the next sequel….if there will be one. Keep your fingers crossed for it. Let’s hope.