Kingdom Medieval

Kingdom Medieval stands on a plate of its own, as some would say, and for great reasons : This game, first of all, is considered the number one hack n’ slash game you will ever find on any Android device. Yes, it is a mobile game, but don’t let that turn you off, as I know it would a few friends of mine ; in fact, mobile RPG games are becoming more and more widely accepted into our culture, and many new developers are coming into the forefront, as well, to make them and make them awesome. Many new titles tend to pop up, now more than before, and several of these have exceptional reviews by their players --- and the best part is you can play wherever your phone gets service and coverage (and, once again, in today’s times, that’s just about anywhere, to be frank...hard to not get cell coverage somewhere).

What also makes this game unique is that it is a third - person RPG, in 3D graphics. And since most mobile games of this type only come in 2D, or their 3D isn’t all that great as it should be, this game really stands up on a pillar of its own. It’s one of a kind and masters exceptional storylines, with superb colors, with clever graphics, with amazing characters, with addicting action controls and sequences, with so much else! That alone should make it the cream of the crop, if you really ask me….and you don’t even need to --- ha --- just ask anyone out there who has played it. The game’s reviews are stellar, as well, and you will not find players saying the same things about other games, for instance, so go, Kingdom Medieval!

But to further add to this, as more is usually better, Kingdom Medieval’s ‘medieval scenery is truly top - notch, too, looking both realistic and highly based in the time frame it represents and stands for, respectively. Play inside this world, and you’ll really feel like you’re a knight in old times, seizing and approaching castles, fighting off other knights, and much, much more. And you can run, jump, climb, attack and more.

The tactical melee is quite exciting to witness here, too, and you can always see a good fight when it’s developing. Smell one from a mile away, even. This game leaves no surprises out of the bag.

Kingdom Medieval is rated T, as in, for “Teens” and those who are older. Make a mental note of that. This is a good thing, too, because most games that are mobile and RPG tend to be for everyone or for younger ages, but this game takes a unique approach on the whole medieval times thing and makes something that older players can enjoy. After all, back in medieval times, real blood was not ‘spilt in crayons’ or such. You know what I mean…..

Fight off some vikings, barbarians and much more in this game. Use a spear, sword, dagger, shield and other weapons. Sprint, attack, and jump will be your three main commands, and you can even see them displayed, as circles, on the main player screen. This reminds you not only that they are there, as options when you need them, but also look nice when displayed next to each other. Plus, developers apparently had to fill up the space on that playing screen with something, right? And it’s a great ‘space - filler’, too…..

On the top left of your screen, when it’s not paused, of course, you’ll see a bright, shining, silver shield, backed by two swords cutting diagonally behind it. This looks cool, like a medieval logo or emblem on the game. It is entirely unique to this game as well. The layout, all in all, is not bad.

You’ll also see, just to the lower right of that, a score tally, in green letters, displaying your current score, as a player, and updating it constantly. But who’s keeping score, now? Come on. We all play this just because we want to have fun.

Kidding, kidding - I’m a hardcore score keeper myself, when I play these games, and I sure know the importance of beating that last record, especially when it comes to the effect that it will have on your ‘player ego’. Been there. Take my word for it. Anyways, moving on…..just under that display of your score we mentioned, you’ll see your map and navigation, respectively, which shows you a visual layout of your current progress, toward wherever you are headed on the map, and it rightfully moves along as you do. Nice, huh?

You also get to climb these nice, unique, high wood fortresses, in certain parts of the game. What I like about these fortress establishments is that they all look different from one another. No two even slightly resemble each other, in a sense. And no other games of this type, perhaps, will show you such fortresses like the ones you get to play in and explore here. So they are one of a kind as well. Not bad, Kingdom Medieval…..

You also get to see the wind move the grass, leaves, trees, etc. naturally as you would when you step outside, on any warm day, and move about. So you get that very real feeling when you play the game. It’s always a nice extra touch. Your “Attack” circle, that we mentioned is seen on the bottom left of the screen, will ‘flash’ back and forth, lighting up in red, every time you are fighting off an opponent, more or less.

This is a pretty nice feature --- it reminds you to use the “Attack” command, hitting the right control, in the first place. And it also ‘quickly reminds you’ that you need to act, and fast, because an opponent is trying to take your life. Sweet.

All in all, you should give this game a try. Remember the age it’s for. Since if you’re not a teen, at least, don’t play --- yet.