Quest 64

Quest 64 is one of those original Nintendo 64 titles I heard about, back as a kid, but never really got to play. I always did, though, have a curiosity to learn what it was about, what kind of game it was, what happens in the story, what ages it was intended for, and everything else. I was still a major N64 fan and still will be….death do us apart. So let’s have a look at this game…….maybe you’ve been wondering the same about it, as I once was…..

Quest 64 holds decent reviews on IGN and Ebay, mostly….if you type in the game’s title, to a search bar, that’s what you’ll see first. It’s got lots of reviews on both sites. And if you look at the bottom left corner of the game’s cover box, on the very front, you’ll also see THQ displayed there, meaning THQ was one of the initial developers working through Nintendo. On the main center of the game’s cover, you’ll see a young man, who doesn’t look too different from what an animated Harry Potter might look like, in fact (except without any glasses, because they probably did not have those back then….or this would just be my guess). The young man of light skin and light brown hair, with a look of action in his very face and demeanor, is seen with what seems to be an electric rod or wand of magic in his right hand, which he is waving out to his enemies approaching him….which seem to be a mix of dogs, hogs, and something else ; these are probably the monsters you could expect to encounter in the lands of the game. 

Anyways, Imagineer and Konami also worked together on this game. The more hands that have touched it, the better, correct? Correct. Nintendo’s role in making this game was shared…..and a great collaboration of brilliant minds, ultimately, brought Quest 64 into the world. It was not a 1- business or 1 - brand act…..teamwork, baby! 

The game was first released in 1998, between the months of June and September, depending on which region of the world you lived in. We in North America got the game first, having it in stores on June 1st. Then, the EU and Japan got it just a little later…..

Brian is the central character of the story in this game, and he apparently serves as a mage apprentice ; that probably explains why you get to see him holding up his magic staff, and wearing magician’s boots and a cape, respectively (not to mention looking like Harry Potter as he does so…..). The Monastery of the Mages, where Brian’s father has just disappeared from, is a place key to the whole storyline, in some form or another. And that is where Brian starts off, concerned for the very safety and well - being of his missing dad. Aww.

As Brian gets further into his quest (you playing as his character), he comes to realize that the mystical Eletale Book has been apparently stolen and may have fallen into the wrong hands….which actually led Brian’s father in full pursuit of the thief in the first place. Interesting, right? As Brian, you must learn to gather all kinds of amulets, of an elemental nature, which will help to get you farther along in the quest, in every way. Powerful foes have managed to horde such amulets for themselves, little by little, and you must get through them to collect these, one at a time…..because, at the end of the game (AND SPOILER ALERT WARNING AHEAD…..DO NOT READ IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW……), you will use all of them, together in powerful conjunction, to defeat the final villain. 

Celtland is where the heart of this story takes place --- it is a fictional world which you must learn both the inside and outside of, well, knowing who to / who not to trust, all in all. Celtland, according to some fans, and even a few developers, looks very much like old Ireland did back a few centuries ago. This game is also centered around Medieval times, in which the elements of magic and witch arts, and fantasy - action, were first introduced into the world mainly by means of classic book tales. And boy, have we come far! 

At first, this game got some very mixed reviews, holding an initial score of 54% overall. The graphics it offered were what most helped it to sell. People loved the graphics! And also, its inventive spell system was (and some would argue, still is) quite amazing and unique. Furthermore, its full storyline, gameplay, and open - world exploration were still lacking, which in the end, accounted for that final score of 54% ; it was not a terrible game, but it was just not “breath - taking” like other have been. 

Either way, it’s still a unique game, and it lets you see magic and fantasy from a new story and perspective. So that’s good. But the originality itself is not superb either….some say it takes story elements from other great fantasy series’. Who knows?

You do not use money in this game to purchase items, weapons, magic, or anything else….which is really unheard of, especially in our modern fantasy - world games of RPG style. This is probably the first of its kind. Instead, however, things take a more ‘traditional look’, and what you end up doing to get ahead is opening up treasure chests, much like in all the Legend of Zelda games (except without being able to have or use Rupees). Monsters will drop these treasure chests, at certain times ; slay them to get them to make a drop here and there. Have fun with it.

If you run out of HP, as Brian, do not worry. It is not “Game Over”. Instead, you go back to the last save spot Inn you were at, and then continue from there…..