Dash Quest

Author: Efrain Silva

Dash Quest is the next hot title for any mobile game enthusiast to check out, and that might mean you ----- so let’s talk about it…….

First of all, Dash Quest is a fun, colorful, ‘cute’ (according to a few young ladies I know) little RPG and fantasy game that you can play if you are 10 and up (it’s rated E - 10+, meaning it’s for Everyone ages 10+). It does contain a few ads, which you can always skip at some point, or even click on to purchase through. It’s all up to you, though, and you do not have to buy or click on these to keep playing or keep that momentum going….have fun with the game, regardless. The game holds almost 80,000 sparkling reviews already, by all those who were generous enough to download it, try it, and then rate it at 4 - 5 stars. 

You can add it to your wishlist, as well, if you own an Android phone of a 4.1 or higher model. Just go to the Google Play Store, search for the game by its title, and then click on “Add to Wishlist” seen to the left of the green “INSTALL” button. This is a good feature for when you do not have enough space or memory on your current phone, see this title, and wish to “make room” later when you can sit down and clear out some old junk. Always keep the game in mind, bookmarked on your wishlist, if you want someone else to buy it for you (of if you wish to buy it for someone else who you know loves fantasy adventure games as well, either way….). 

Tiny Titan Studios makes this game. Tap Smiths, Kung Fu Z, Tiny Rails, and many more awesome titles are made by them, which are also mobile - friendly Android games. Check them all out when time permits. Tiny Titan Studios games are original and fun. And yes, they are ‘cute’, featuring adorable little characters and environments. And boy, are they fun to play…..

You can get what the game calls Legendary Gear, every single day here, as you simply complete some daily assignments and quests. Other types of rewards are spread out, as well, and you need to do your due diligence to locate each one of them ; the game will keep you busy --- that’s for sure. And in addition, you can both cast all kinds of new spells and learn all kinds of new skills at the same time. Bring the best of what you may have known from Final Fantasy, Harry Potter, or any other fantasy series you enjoy.

This game does not have excessive blood or violence, which is a major ‘relief point’ for many parents, especially if their child is a little younger. It’s a common fact that some of the best games out there, unfortunately, do incorporate some of that, so younglings need to wait until they are just a bit older to play. But with a game such as this one, you still get all those amazing features that a top - notch fantasy game can offer, all while keeping it age - appropriate. But what’s not to like about that?

In fact, it is also common knowledge that many people way older than 10 years old have played the game and not been bored. They have found much value in it, too. The game is, all in all, every - age - friendly, if you ask me. It is fun, colorful, exciting, cute, suspenseful, at times funny, and so much more…..

You get epic boss battles featured here, too, but without all the excessive blood and gore (and language). That’s a really cool feature of the game, but you will try not to laugh. Yes, but I mean this in a good way ; some of the ‘little bosses’ here do not look intimidating enough, since this is a game made for kids, mainly….they are so cute and adorable you could just pluck their little ears right off, and maybe cotton will come out (instead of blood) --- ha!

Yes, these little dungeon bosses, being as cute and unthreatening as they are, can still make you lose. So beat them, and hold in your laughter. They are still your foes. Heh heh…..

You get a nice, full, World Map when you play into Adventure Mode….it can show you just about everything you will ever need to discover, and more. There’s hidden secrets, out there, as well. Find them for the heck of it. The HD graphics here, as well, are quite --- how do I say --- retro - inspired! 

You remember the old games, some of the ‘Founding Fathers’ of the modern video game era, the best 2D or 8 - bit / 16 - bit titles there ever were, to begin with? Well, when you take a gander into the levels and characters of a game such as this one, you relive all that, but in our modern generation. It’s true : The classics will never die --- they might even, in fact, well outlive our grandchildren’s and great grandchildren’s time frame…...

Bring back that retro feel with this game. Get to HERO MODE, and then put on your Hero pants and get to work. You will still be challenged, sometimes more than you know, but we believe in your skills (whether you are a new or an old player). You can do this! 

The upgrade system is quite customizable as well. That’s always nice. Now, what other games might we compare this one to? Well, if you’re thinking of hardcore classics, you might also consider picking up “The Legend of Zelda : A Link to the Past”, “Final Fantasy I, III, III….”, “Bit Heroes”, or another title (if you can’t enough of this one, unlocking 100% of everything already). Fall in love with 2D fantasy gaming, and make it your regular hobby to play at least once or twice per week….. 

Nuff’ said. Enjoy this game! Give it its ‘thumbs straight up’, if you really like it…..