Star Fox Adventures

Author: Efrain Silva


It’s been nearly a decade since the evil Andross met his match, back in the last game (Star Fox 64), and the Star Fox team has certainly not been any less busy since --- they not only have the job of saving the galaxy, of course, but of keeping it safe from harm. So they are always at work. And recently, it seems planet Cerinia’s destruction is something Krystal (a new character whom you are about to learn more of in this game) cannot seem to let go of, and so she begins to investigate. In the meantime, and in another quadrant of the galaxy, respectively, General Pepper calls upon the Star Fox team, once more, for assistance with something a bit different this time around --- to find out what is going on in the Dinosaur Planet, why it has been invaded, and more…..

Gameplay Experience, Uniqueness of the Game, & More to Note

Star Fox Adventures was technically the very first on the ground game in which you get to engage some live action and combat and strategy, all from a third person point of view and outside of your Arwing. I guess it gives those characters a chance to get up and stretch their legs, a nice break from the usual 20+ hours they spend sitting in a cockpit. Nice, right?

In case you're not familiar with the Star Fox characters, know that Fox McCloud himself is first and foremost. He is the proud leader of the Star Fox armada - team. Then, after him, there's Falco Lombardi, who is essentially an egotistic, badass blue falcon that can talk and knows how to save people when they're in trouble, mainly his teammates. Speaking of which, next on the list, there's Peppy O'Hare, who is a hare rabbit and a good old friend of Fox. He is currently the oldest member of Star Fox.

He was friends with James McCloud, the father of Fox, before he disappeared (And it had been rumoured that he was killed off in a fight with the evil Galactic dictator, Andross). We also have Slippy Toad, who is a green toad that many would agree is as annoying (though perhaps not that much) as Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars, if you know what I'm talking about.

Quite similarly, Slippy has a high voice and is always getting himself I to trouble. He is a bit of a child. His voice is feminine, and many players initially thought he was a girl. But it's confirmed, that toad’s a boy.

Star Fox Adventures did not get the best reception, to be quite honest, and held a very low 6 / 10 rating, despite it offering something entirely new to the Star Fox universe, all in all. But I guess people were going more for the ship shooting, missile bombing, barrel rolling action of prior games and were very disappointed.

The game was a collaborative effort. Rare developed it, and Nintendo published it. Teamwork, yay!

Playing this game also give a bit of the feeling that I was playing Zelda, with its on the ground action, colorful characters and scenes, and more. So that was always nice. This also made the game unique in that.

Weapons / Items

What you can collect, and learn to get to use here, is quite interesting and new from past Star Fox games, as you might already know. You use flutes, bags, horns, lanterns, gems and more. You can even pinpoint and collect Gold Bars, Gold Keys, Scarab Bags, Meteors, Moon Pass Keys, Moon Stones, Rock Candy, Shackle Keys, and much more. All right!

I still remember the Bomb Spore items as some of my favorite in this game. They explode and give you a rush of pure joy, adrenaline at its best for any gamer! They’ll usually cost you 5 Scarabs and are well worth their asking price. Fox McCloud could even carry up to 7 of these --- at once!


There are about 25 different levels in Star Fox Adventures, each and every single one being no less amazing than the one that came before it, so to speak ; you have to play through them all to get the best that the game has to offer. It’s not all as addictingly fun as Star Fox 64 was, per say, in terms of ship shooting and evasion, but there is still some fun to be had, all in all. You start out on ‘Fox’s Adventure Begins’, then advance to the ‘Ice Mountain’ levels and scenes, and keep going from there --- all the way till you reach the end of the game, titled, (SPOILER ALERT --- IF YOU HAVE NOT PLAYED THE GAME, WATCH OUT….) ‘Final Krazoa Spirits & Andross’. (But don't worry. The good guys always win. And here, that's what happens when you make it right to the end of it all. Can you do it? Game on....)

Final Word

Many people did like this game. We likewise concur : It was, and still is, a blast to play. You just got to give it some time to get used to….

So in the end, the game wasn't terribly great but it was something nice to try out. And it was the GameCube console's first Star Fox presence, besides in Super Smash Bros. Melee. However, in my personal opinion alone, and being the old-school player that I tend to stick out as, despite differing viewpoints, I liked the first 2 games the best.

The first one was my all - time favorite, and it's sequel was my second favorite. Yet to each his own, naturally, as some prefer the newer titles over the originals ; for them, the new titles are all they've known, and that's perfectly okay. If you're one of those people, I encourage you to play some of the earlier games and get the rich history behind the series, as a whole ---- that is, of course, if you're up for it. You decide, player. Rock on!