RPG Machine Knight

RPG Machine Knight is an adventure for the adventureless, a true change in anyone’s day : If you’re bored, stressed, jobless, anxious about something, or simply looking for a new game, add it to your Google - Android Play Store collection now. All it takes is you hitting that ‘download’ button, then the magic can begin! Do you love fantasy - action games that bring forth mobile RPG and take it to a whole new level? Then this might become one of your next favorites, all fingers crossed, of course……

RPG Machine Knight is rated T for Teen, so always bear that in mind ---- do not pass it along to your child until they are ready for it (keep it all to yourself, for now, heh heh….). Almost 90,000 four - to - five star reviews are what this game has gotten, and this should tell you much. It tells you it’s a game that’s highly reputable and growing in its popularity, a game that knows how to deliver a good time, a game that many people have told each other about as a result, a game that offers great colors and graphics, a rich story, exciting characters and so much, so much else. Make sure to make it yours. But what else should you want to think about?

Well, consider this, too : RPG Machine Knight was made and released by KEMCO, a modern Japanese RPG (JRPG) video game publisher loved by many the world over. Even those who are hardcore followers of Anime and Manga, for instance, love this sort of game as it puts elements from these into a mobile game you can fall in love with. Quality gameplay scenarios, mixed with immersive narratives, is what KEMCO is all about, and this time, it seems they got their formula right, once again. KEMCO has also published other great mobile app games like Legend of the Tetrarchs, Everdark Tower, Fernz Gate, and so many others --- it has come up with dozens of great RPG titles already, all of which you can download through the very same app store and Android mobile device…..

RPG Machine Knight does contain a few ads, here and there, so be alerted : Some of these adds feature purchases, too, which can be made. In - app purchases are what we refer to, here…..

Also, here is the official game description, taken from the Google Play Store : “For the world, and for its sin, a young man meets betrayal and friendship beyond the “gate”! An authentic free-to-play RPG!” 

(Source : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=kemco.hitpoint.machine )

Has it got your heart racing to find out more? Good. Let’s talk a little more…..

Did you know this game also works with 2.1 and newer OS versions as well? Yep. You can play it across more than one mobile device, at the end of the day. Plus, the two heroines, who step in to hopefully save the day, you get to play through….choose from one or the other. They both have different personalities.

Their overall goal, in the story, is to extend what they offer to this young man (Frain). Who will he choose? Who will he trust? And most importantly, which of these two will you embody? Who will you prefer to play as? 

That’s the real question here….. 

And to further add, Bell and Aulin are the names of these two heroines, who happen to be sisters, by the way….a lovely little side note. Starting it all off, the game offers a lengthy but rather important introduction, which I ENCOURAGE you to not skip on, as much as you can….it’s well worth providing the right background for the story, as a whole, as well as for the rest of the long adventure that will now await you. Soak it all in. Take notes….heck. Why not?

After you’ve made your way through the introduction, your fun will start off at the Village of Col --- nice name, eh? After you’ve explored this town - village, and gotten a knack for the start of the game, you will then see yourself moving onto the Castle Town of Dandong, and then later, Dandong Castle itself. What’s interesting is that, usually, with fantasy - action type RPG games, be they mobile or on a console, I have often found a very fascinating trend….it’s that, whenever there’s a castle town, you must first explore through it, and then get to the actual castle area itself. But all that being said, I love games with castle towns (in addition to the actual castle)....it’s just a nice little bonus ‘feel to it’ that they offer. 

I mean, even getting to explore through the castle town first, makes the castle itself more exciting and adventuresome. Perhaps it’s the fact that, the castle town, has built up the momentum for the castle. Who knows? But all in all, I love it, and I think many other players, when they stop to think about it, would agree with me as well…..

Anyways, a quick note on the Castle Town of Dandong ---- it’s the # 11 Best Town in the World. Play the game, and you’ll learn more on this. And when you’re in this castle town, do take your sweet time and get to know your surroundings, recovering any lost health at the Inn nearby. Why not? Get some much needed ‘game sleep and health’ there….. ‘Tis a friendly and happy place. 

You’ll eventually --- like I said --- find yourself up at the Dandong Castle, and the guard there will have to clear you for entry. You go in through the right entrance and then make yourself at home, feeling free to entirely loot and explore the place on your own terms. This is a great feature that the game offers, and not only here, but in all other places you get to explore. Roam freely and loot much. It’s pretty much all up for grabs here!!!! 

Enjoy this game. Tell your friends about it. Play on from dusk to dawn. Play, play, play!