Saitek P2500 Rumble Force PC Game Pad

Author : Efrain Silva

Made by Saitek, and ready to rumble, this standard gamepad controller is designed for any type of gamer, really. It’s made of a cool, black color, and you can easily see the Saitek logo displayed across the top middle section of it, in a nice silver- gray. Six response buttons come with it, as well, and are likewise silver - gray. Not only that, but you get two analog precision buttons with it, which are of a darker gray look, as are the two bottom hand grips on each side, respectively. All in all, this small product seems well - packed and capable of handling any gaming experience, and can still seem to keep your hands from getting sweaty (or at least too sweaty, preventing you from losing grip and losing your game).

You get two shoulder trigger buttons, at the top of the left and right side, as well, which are usually used for your “quick - fire” functions, depending on the game, of course. And to further add to the craziness here, you also get to make the most out of your new 8 - way D pad, which really lets you move it around (and thus, move your game’s player around) in one of 8 different directions at a time. Move that thing fast, like your life depends on it (or, at least, it does in the game)! Remember how the N 64 had something quite similar to that 8 - way D pad? Same feel here....

And it’s silver - gray, too. Did I even mention that it’s got a red S (Shift) button at the very top right, just before reaching the shoulder trigger buttons? That is super cool and classy, all in all. I think I would buy this product just for how cool it looks and how it makes me feel as a gamer, not to even mention the fact that it’s got every type of control / button / analog that a true video game experience is known for, incorporating all the best of each within a single “rumbling” controller gamepad. How cool is that, my friends?

And as if all that I have just stated were not enough, in and of itself, do not dismay --- there is more to be said about this great item. When you buy it through Amazon or eBay, for instance, you save more! And the red button Shift key that I briefly mentioned is already pre - programmed to engage up to 20 different functions. The product has several online 4 - star ratings, too, which speaks for itself. And did you know that you can even get an accident - protection sort of warranty (up to 2 years) with it, as well, for only --- get this ---- $5.99? And more so, if you wanted to insure it for 3 years, instead (if you have a crazy runaway toddler living at home, as my wife and I do), then you can drop $7.99 instead and call it a done deal!