Massdrop x Sennheiser PC37X Gaming Headset

Author : Efrain Silva

Hey guys! Efrain here again, just wanting to talk to you a bit, mano a mano, on a gaming headset I think may be well worth your time and money (of course, depending on the specifics you are looking for). Now, this product has 4.5 star ratings on sites like Drop and Amazon, so the consensus, overall, is that it’s pretty darn good --- but nonetheless, let us have a bit of a closer look as to why it sells....

First of all, it easily markets itself as one of the Sennheiser’s brand best headsets for high - quality gaming. This $120 headset has got some of the best microphone quality of any headset --- and more so, it is hard to find any negative complaint about its microphone online (trust me, as I myself have already diligently scoured the web in search of a fair and balanced overall review on it, including the negative aspects). Speak into the microphone, and test the sound on your device, and you should notice ample feedback and input - output as well (and if not, then the issue may be with your device itself and most likely not with this gaming headset). If you really want a sound, unbeatable multi - player live (online) experience, then investing the $120 into a headset like this one may be one of the best choices you can ever settle on ; and if you are like me, and like to squeeze out every possible extra buck as well, then you ought to be able to simply just put down slightly under $100 ($75 or so) to get a used / refurbished one instead.

What I also like about this item, to be no less than downright frank (and I will always be honest with you), is the 10 - ft. detachable cable that comes with it, all in all. One can play more easily and more comfortably. Isn’t that what a true gaming experience aims at, after all?

To further add to the mischief, as I always like to say, it is ambiance - free --- does it really get any better than that? And more so, you can also pick it up and move it around very’s not a heavy sort of headset, like many others can tend to be, yet it’s still loaded with so many great functions and features (of which you may see all later on the main site, in full details), all without affecting its final weight.

How does it benefit you that this headset is light - weight? Well, for one, it’s easy to pick up, walk with, drop off, and move around to different places / carry with your hands. But not only that, it’s also easy on your head (as you wear it, it won’t wear you down). We all know how uncomfortable it can be to play for several hours with a heavy headset on. For all these reasons, think about getting this gaming headset, worth the cost.