Best Gaming Headset Under $100

Author : Efrain Silva In my view, and I’m sure you might agree, you always get exactly what you pay for, give or take (sometimes perhaps a little more, and sometimes perhaps a little less, but it all becomes a lesson learned, at the end of the day). You can get gaming headsets under $100, but remember that, the lower you tend to go in price, the lower you also tend to go in durability (not to even mention quality, which is the first factor you ought to consider with any purchase, in my modest consumer’s point of view). That being said, “shelf life” or “product life”, however you prefer to refer to it, tends to suffer in the process. That is not always the case, of course, as there are rare exceptions --- yet most of the time, it tends to be, and that is the sad truth. Nonetheless, in this short blog review, I would like you to have a quick look at a few gaming headsets that, in my opinion, do make the cut (when you can’t spend much and still need something of half - decent quality, or perhaps when buying your first gaming headset for your careless child, before having to buy that next one, as I have done). I will not only briefly mention a few (so you can further look into them online, at your own convenience), but I will also touch down on which is my favorite, and which I consider to be “the best there is” in this respect. So let’s get to it --- some great “under $100” gaming headsets you can get are (take notes) as follows :
  • RAZER KRAKEN (It is my top pick out of all these 7)
  • SADES SA 819
Now let me briefly review the RAZER KRAKEN so you can see why it is the one I would buy, if I were “stuck” to having to buy something under $100. RAZER KRAKEN ---- sick name, isn’t it? I love it. Now, it’s a cross - platform gaming headset, which means you can play it across multiple different consoles easily. That’s one of my favorite things about it, not to mention the very fact that the ear cups that come inside it are gel - infused (ooh, so cozy and easy on my ears, at the same time...makes me want to just stay at home and keep playing, and not come out). Not only that, but you also get to have some solid inline controls that it works through. And to further add, this headset gives you powerful audio you can hear right away (don’t even need to turn the volume all the way up for it). Just keep in mind that it’s not wireless and you don’t get Surround Sound ---- you get what you pay for. All in all, it’s a great starter headset for gaming.