Sades Gaming Headset

Author : Efrain Silva

Sades makes some stellar gaming headset, and I will start with that --- everything from the SA 708GT, to the SA 903 USB, to the SA 902 7.1, it’s all fun to explore! This is a headset I would, in less than a heartbeat, put down some cash on and get right away (I would even buy several, and keep some in the house, if I plan to have friends or family over and get into some multi - player mayhem). One of my faves in this category is the SADES SA708GT gaming headset, which PS 4 gamers tend to go nuts for (including me, when I’m in a Sony gaming mood). Now, this game headset has so many great perks, one being the fact that its price has been reduced significantly, but not its output or overall quality / durability (that’s right --- Amazon sellers are now practically giving it away for free at the insane low price of $21, or less if it’s been heavily used). With this headset, or any that Sades makes, for that matter, I feel like I never really need to step away from my home cubicle....I have a whole world to explore inside my headset.

If you want the best one for audio playback and internal game music quality, this would be the best one from Sades, in my most honest opinion. If, on the other hand, you seem to want more of a ‘quiet comfort’ type of product that comes with a braided cable, then you, my friend, might prefer the SA 902 7.1 (which is also a hotter color, red with black, instead of the typical cool blue with black that the SA 708GT is known for...take your pick and know that there’s no wrong choices here). The SADES Universal Gaming Headset with Mic (810S) is also a great top choice as it can keep your ‘budget spend’ low all while putting out no less quality sound than these previous two.

In fact, few may disagree, but this one, in my opinion, is the better one of them all (which Sades makes, or has made, thus far). It is dark blue and black, my favorite color mix, and has good sound - cancelling features. They really work and block out as much as they can. Just remember that they won’t compare to something a lot pricier as you get what you’re paying for (for instance, something that can totally block out 90 % exterior sound).

One of the best features, as well, is that the whole headset lights up (a sick, dark blue color), especially when you’re playing in some dim lighting conditions. Think “glow in the dark” here for a moment. Also, the blue emblem on the side of each ear cover is wicked cool, too (looks like a beetle or bat sort of figure, a sick logo). So if you want to spend little money, and get some decent gaming value, I’d go with this product (or any Sades offers).