One Handed Gaming Keyboard / Keypad

Author : Efrain Silva

Now, my friends, in this post, we come to a product that is --- I must be 100 % honest --- not one of my favorites but still a nice pick, when it comes to gaming keyboards. Now, do not get me wrong here --- some people really like it, which is perfectly fine, especially seeing that it’s got 4.5 / 5 - star reviews nearly everywhere online, making it exceptionally valued in the gaming world. I only don’t see it as a “favorite” of mine, like I said, preferring other types and sizes / brands first, but that does not mean I do not “like it”. I do, though it’s not my top pick.

Anyways, let’s talk about it for just a bit, so you can see if it might be right for you....

First of all, let me start by pointing out the good fact that it sells for only appx. $20 online, in new and used forms. So you get something nice for nearly no cost at all, which is always good. Its backlight is LED + RGB, making it light up nicely in darkness and looking very balanced in colored, all in all. It’s a very small and portable device, as well, easy to unplug, move and replug when needed. So take it over to all your friends’ homes and get to some multi - player fun!

Its size, for me, however, is the biggest drawback, truly a “double - edged sword” as a feature or benefit. I, personally, do not like it being that darn small as my hands and fingers are, in fact, quite big and meaty. I like something big that I can get my fingers and palms around and feel comfortable in, never confined. And that’s how I felt when I checked out a product like this one, and sampled one at a third party store.

It’s good that it has the CAPS Lock button, the ESC button, SHIFT, TAB, CTRL, FUNCTION, and ALT buttons like the everyday button. So that in itself does manage to bring about an ice sense of familiarity and comfort, but just remember that it’s not a full keyboard and doesn’t include every key. That is another drawback, at least for me, in addition to the simple fact that these keys are not all in the usual place they’re in on my regular keyboard at home (depends on your keyboard) so you may or may not get confused, at first, when trying to find each key and press on it. Give it a shot.

This product, on a bright note, does come with its own year - long warranty. So take advantage of that fact, my friend, and remember that the warranty is there for you, should you ever change your mind after buying and trying it. Even indirect seller sites like Amazon can still get you the warranty with it, depending on the seller you go through.