MOSTOP One Handed Keyboard / Keypad

Author : Efrain Silva

Hello, everyone! It’s your guy, Efrain, on all gaming and tech to pick your brains (not literally, it’s not zombie season, yet) on a one - handed keyboard you can use for your everyday game play functions. But, I’m sure, since you likely read the title, you already knew that. So let’s get rolling....

Are you a fan of “black and red”, I mean, the colors? They look so well together in so many brands, names, displays, and more, that I, for one, must say I am a fan. I just think it looks really nice, and especially when I play checkers with my grandpa (who smokes me, each and every single time, by the way, I humbly admit). Well, whether you are a fan, not a fan, or somewhere undecided, I think you will still agree that the black and red mix of keys on this one - handed product do look nice together, a great touch and very visually appealing, all in all.

That is one reason some also do not like this product, but to each his own. As small as it is, it still manages to fit in a small palm rest below the keys, which you can place your one hand on as you play (or simply rest it from playing, or relax while another screen or game level loads). You’ve got 41 keys on this bad boy, 6 of them offering uniquely unparalleled multi - media functions of several different sorts. You’ve also got compatibility with every version of Windows, even Windows 2000 (remember that version?). They say the overall “keystroke lifetime” on this keyboard is no less than 10 million cycles, and that practically means it’s with you for life!

Yep, this one’s a keeper, when it’s all been said and done : To drop $40 online for a new one, that you can play on basically forever, is a sweet deal to me. Add $5 to the cost, and you’ve got a good 3 - year protection plan on it. Amazon sells both the product and the plan as well. So think on that. But there is more to tell you....

You can play with this keyboard on either the right side or the left, depending on which hand you feel like using that day. And if one hand gets tired, switch it up. You can easily play twice as long as before, if you’re only having to engage one hand at a time (though some PC games prefer you use both hands at once, so it might not be best).

It’s not a terrible product. But for me, some things don’t allow me to call it “terrific” either. It’s small, for one, and I have really big hands and fingers. Also, I like to use both hands at once and not have to stick to just one. Try this product out nonetheless!