Mobile Gaming Accessories

Author : Efrain Silva

In this brief blog post, we are going to share with you some of my favorite accessories made to make your cell - phone playing experience a whole different one entirely. Because, let’s just face the music, wake up and smell the coffee (or roses, if you prefer) : Playing the best games, on a small cell phone you hold in your hand and have to move around, can often be stressful, and why should it be? I mean, people can only play certain games, after all, in mobile - form only, as some are not made on larger consoles, and that is a sad fact. So do you not agree that it should be the best, most comfortable experience of all time? I mean, I, for one, would love to be able to use my iPhone for more than just talking and texting and internet (though those are all great things, so do not get me wrong there), and thankfully, I can!

Let’s start with the mobile gamepad, a true God - send in today’s day and age, a very gift from the heavens itself. The mobile gamepad has saved many a player from overly - tired fingers and thumbs, sweaty palms, and much, much more. My favorite --- and there are literally too many to choose from amongst --- is the one and only Razer Raiju Mobile, which some call a product “the very best that your money can buy”. It basically works like a phone mount / gaming control, that way, you won’t have to actually push buttons or screens on that tiny phone’s like you’re actually using a controller, and your phone sits in place as you do so and move it around. It doesn’t get better, friend!

Also, you might want to think about getting yourself a good headphone pair made just for mobile gaming, such as what the popular Audeze Mobius or Sony WH-1000XM3 can do for you. These accessories are especially useful if long - term play sessions are your thing. They help keep your volume high, if you really like those sounds, all while not disturbing your nearby neighbors (and, at the same time, keeping you both focused and locked in the game, as the sound is only heard by you, mostly). These give you that sense of true ‘concentration’ when you’re playing your game, and it surely helps on those more difficult levels, I would know....

How about something else that’s great? You can also consider getting one (or why not two or three, if you’ll be playing for hours at a time, and far away from home or a nearby outlet power source) power bank to take with you, on the go. These can come in all sorts of quality, brand, and price, respectively. It all depends on your spending ability and what you want to get out of it. Just charge the power bank before heading out, and you should have enough “juice” for a while.