Fortnite Tips - How To Get Better

Author: Efrain Silva

Well, well, well ...

Playing lots and lots of Fortnite, are we? Got an urge that you cannot control —— to have more fun and get better, overall? Well, one more time (and I never get tired of saying this), you, my dear friend, are in the right place. Here in this brief article, I’m going to share with you a few tips, and some other knowledge, to make you even more passionate about your love for this amazing game, not to mention make you even better! So let’s get started.....

The first thing you should even stop to consider is this - what device are you playing the game on, in the first place? That being said, have you considered that switching devices can prove infinitely useful? Indeed, try mixing it up and see what your honest experience is like playing the game on a different device than you have before. Who knows? It can really be the one factor that makes all the difference.

Also, have you thought about reducing your control’s sensitivity settings? We all know sensitive control is a huge factor, and, how should I say it, a sensitive topic for many (no pun unintended, heh heh). Try it and see.

Here’s another really interesting pointer which, believe it or not, several Fortnite players have not even thought about doing : When you start the game up, consider waiting just a few seconds before jumping out of that flying bus. Yes, in fact, you ought to think well about these Fortnite Battle Royale games that I’m referring to here. For instance, here is how it should break down : You know each of these games starts you out with like 100 online players, each jumping out of that bus and to that island underneath it?

Well, with that in mind, notice how most people you see have the sudden urge or tendency (or sudden impulse, if you simply prefer to call it that) to jump out at their earliest opportunity, sometimes even like a gut feeling reaction. Well, did you know that doing so may actually not prove to be the best idea? Here is what I mean : So many people wish to be first and to get a jump start (again, I leave no puns unintended, heh heh) on killing the other players.

However, if you are one of those people, do yourself the favor of no longer being one. You can be smarter than the rest. Here’s how.....

Research has shown, in this case, that it’s actually the patient bird that gets the worm (and not the early bird, as the expression so often typically goes). So be patient. Wait until the final seconds, and I mean the very final seconds, to take your jump out of that bus. Once you land, you will thank yourself for having done so. Why, you ask? Well, that would be simply because you’ll have found that most of the other “enemy players” who were not cautious or lucky enough to survive have already been killed off.

Yikes! But that’s good news. For us it is, at least....

This, of course, buys you a bit of extra time to get your weapons and to find protection. Practice your shooting and your building skills, as well, especially if you should find yourself “on your own” at this point. It can’t hurt to be prepared, now, can it?

Here’s another great freebie piece of advice for you to chew on....

Consider the aspect of “sounds”, and being wise with it. What am I talking about? Well, paying attention to this is crucial since, as you likely already know, the audio experience on this game (regardless of the device you might play it through) is nothing short of phenomenal.

So that being said, make sure to keep your ears “extra tuned in” to the sounds around you since you can hear all sorts of things, such as who is coming up behind you, who else may be in front of you or around you, underneath you, etc. Use the sounds to your advantage, and you’ll also have trained your ears to be far more attentive, in the process. So you become both a better gamer and a better listener, all in all —- nice, right?

You can even have your shotgun loaded, and simply lie in wait for that next unsuspecting victim player to show up. Hear him or her as they approach you. It will be their undoing, unless you choose to be merciful (but either way, they would still be at your mercy, heh heh heh). Get the jump on a few rookie players (or at least, those more rookie than you, if you’re a somewhat new player yourself).

Another tip is this : Try not to re - queue right after dying. Instead, use that short time to reflect upon the mistakes that led to your recent death so as to learn from them.

And not only that, but you will also carry the recent experience still fresh in your mind, and studies have shown that reflection upon a recent event tends to lead to the prevention of its reoccurrence (if it’s a bad event, of course). And even if it’s reliving a video game event that didn’t actually happen to you in real life, is still works much the same way!

To add to that, engage that Replay feature, which can actually be used to show you the exact manner in which you died (even from the perspective of your killer). Use this feature to study your own movements at the time, your killer’s, your loadout, the surrounding, and so much else. Make it count so that you don’t die the same way next time (or perhaps not at all, heh heh).

Final Thoughts?

Well, I hope this has helped you in some way. If so, leave any comment or further questions here on this site. And feel free to look through what we’ve written on some other great games and systems. This is a place for gamers to find tips, knowledge, and even share their frustrations or victories alike.