Paper Mario: The Origami King

Author : Efrain Silva

(FUTURE VERSION OF MYSELF, IN THE YEAR 2070, SAYING TO MY FUTURE BLOG READERS : ) Oh, my goodness, guys! I HAVE to tell you about one game that I played a while back that I kind of still have in the back of my brain, memory - wise. It was a game that had a genuine impact on me, like no other, in such a weird way. It was called Paper Mario : The Origami King, and it was sold on the Nintendo Switch!

Ha! Gotcha. Maybe that’s what I will be saying several decades from now....

Anyways, several of us real Nintendo fans look forward to this game, arriving July 17, 2020 (or if it’s far later than this date, and you’re reading this, the game has already come out and you should go get it). I, for one, do remember the very first Paper Mario game that ever came out, which, at the time, I thought was a boring piece of trash and so unconventional. I thought Mario was meant to be played the traditional way only, but then, as further games came out, and time further passed, I learned to adjust and accommodate --- now, I can say that I am a decent Paper Mario fan, though I prefer Mario Kart or Mario Party (or just regular Mario types of adventures).

Paper Mario : The Origami King is to be the sixth game in the Paper Mario saga and have Mario face off against the nefarious King Olly, whose only goal and purpose (at least in this game) is to turn the whole world into an origami one, basically a paper - folding sort of universe in which everyone is limited in how they can continue to go about with their day - to - day lives. Only Mario (or, should I say, Paper Mario) can stop such a devious plan and restore the balance, once again. But has he met his match, this time?

This King Olly even manages to sweep up Bowser’s army and “one - up” him, as a true Mario villain, making the original Bowser baddie look like a joke. He also manages to seize the lovely Princess Peach’s castle, and guess what else? This time, Mario has to team up with --- oh, no --- Bowser himself! If they work together, they might have a chance of taking down King Olly.

But guess what else? You get to play this game using a ring - based sort of combat system. It should be fun, to say the least. And you will also get to line your enemies up as you choose your attacks for them....let ‘em have it! Even Olly’s sister will help you. Her name is Olivia. She does not approve of her brother’s evil actions, apparently.

Taro Kudo is the main story writer of this game. It also brings together a great array of designers, producers, artists, and programmers. It can’t wait to see what you think of it, faithful Nintendo and Mario gamer!