Mad Catz R.A.T. M Wireless Mobile Gaming Mouse

Author: Efrain Silva

Let’s talk about the one --- the only ---- Mad Catz R.A.T. M Wireless Mobile Gaming Mouse! It’s a great gaming mouse product made by, which claims to offer only the best in today’s modern gaming hardware awesomeness. It’s got great functionality, an innovative design, and really raises the bar in terms of excellent overall composition ; it was well engineered and shows it in its durability. I got to give it a try the other day and found it much to my liking.

“Upgrade your gaming” is but one of the many mottos the company selling this mouse likes to live by, a good one to remember when picking out any gaming mouse. And in this mouse, you will find a nearly perfectly - balanced sensor position, which allows for greater tracking and movement as you play your favorite PC / mobile games. The ergonomics themselves, not to mention, are out of this world, giving those hands and fingers all the comfort on earth ; they wear out less easily, let’s put it that way, especially when you want to play for like 5 - 10 hours at a time. No joke.

The mouse has 3 - 10 programmable buttons and comes with plenty of accurate, easy - to - grasp instructions with plenty of photos. And this has been one thing gamers, not excluding me, have loved the most about its overall simplicity of use. This mouse is 100 % compatible not only with the Windows 10 you might have, but even with older Windows versions like the Vista (or even Windows 7 or 8, respectively), so how cool is that? It keeps getting better....not only that, but it works with MAC computers as well!

It’s got a cable length of only 1.8M, and you’ll find that you can even reach a maximum of 2,000 in terms of its DPI range. Also, and this is one of my favorite features (so why did I just nearly forget to mention it? I have literally no idea.), the adjustable palm rest is one of the most remembered ones out on the market, which suits --- get this --- every type of gamer. So whether you are a finger - tip gripper, a palm gripper, or even a palm gripper, for instance, you can still tweak things here in a way that best suits what you need. The mouse comes in a nice chassis design as well (see it online by Googling it and searching its images).

If you use a site like Amazon to order this mouse online, you can get it for as low as appx. $80 --- that, my friend, for all it offers, not to mention its quality build, is a deal made in heaven. And you can buy it in matte or gloss black, white, or even red. Yowsers!

It’ll come with 2 AAA batteries, which lets you play my favorite mode --- wireless. And these two batteries will last you about a year, it’s been said, so that’s not bad at all. A year of non - stop gaming, here we go! Get this product ordered to your home today.