Logitech G13 Programmable Gameboard with LCD Display

Author : Efrain Silva

Spend appx. $450 MSRP to get it in brand - spanking - new condition (or around $95+ in its used form), which is a deal and a half, to me! I don’t always speak so positively of certain game pads, but this one really works well and is above its value in cost, so try to order one online and see for yourself. What else can I tell you about it? Well....

This gameboard is uniquely distinct from any sort of game pad / controller / joystick, / keyboard / remote that I have ever seen. It truly stands apart in a world of its own, so to speak. It is all uni - colored, a slick and elegant dark black, with white letters on the buttons and screen (yes, the screen is dark black in its background, too, which is refreshing and suave, and the letters come across the screen in white, something unique in itself, I must add). I briefly mentioned the sleek design, which is indeed naturally contoured like no other, and it perhaps gives the feel (if I had to describe it) of an ergo keyboard, something ergonomically elegant and comfortable at the same time, and unlike any other. As much as I describe it to you, and relay the feel of it with words, nothing will compare to you actually having it in your hands as I was once lucky enough to do.

Given its price range, I can understand if you have not yet purchased it as few people will put down such a budget for it. But for any serious console (or even computer) user, I would recommend it. It will set you high and above the rest, in this regard, and give you a rare luxury and experience that few may ever even get to know about, all in all. Now why did I say ‘ergo’?

Well, my dear friends, that would simply be because your hands and fingers, naturally, have their own sort of --- how do I say it? --- design. They carry their own natural shape, if you will, and a special item like this one follows it with its design. Ergo, ergo! It’s like the ergo keyboard and mouse you never knew existed (or that you could afford, heh heh hehh).

It’s also got a highly - capable, built - in memory system attached to it, which lets you even save 5 player profiles and load them up when it’s time to play. This allows you to easily move your personal preferences around, from place to place, as needed. The keys are lettered, and more uniquely so, only by M and G, respectively.

They go from G1 to G22, and M1 to M3 (and an MR key added in as well). You get a little mousepad - type ergo hand rest right at the bottom there, where you can place those hands as you get them ready for the next movement. All in all, make the investment, if you can!