AULA One Handed Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Author : Efrain Silva

Friends, if you’re looking for a great gaming keyboard or keypad, then you need to look no further than here --- I’ve reviewed this product, in its every sense, and have come out more than well - satisfied with all it can offer. One of my favorite things about it (and this is perhaps the little kid in me still speaking) are the bright colors that light up behind each key, especially when the room is all dark (and I sometimes would turn the lights off in the room, just to feel the glow in the dark feel that this would provide, I confess, when I was first trying out this product from home). It sure reminds me of those light - up displays and little decorations you so often see at Christmas - time, or even those laser tag guns you had fun with as a kid going to places like Chuck E. Cheese’s.

Anyways, in my modest opinion, this product is a steal and not a complete bust, meaning that, for $66, you are walking home having ripped the brand off. That’s a deal and a half, or as I call it, a steal! I personally believe a product of this nature is worth far more than $66, and that just goes to show you how much I really admire and value it, at the end of the day. And, of course, I did not even mention that you can get it for under $66 if you get it refurbished (typically for around $49.77, give or take a few bucks on the rightful sales taxes and shipping).

It even has the words, in all caps, “SPECIAL GAMING KEYBOARD”, right at the bottom, which truly makes you feel more valued as a player, and gives you an air of having purchased something of much higher cost and value, all in all. At least, that was my first reaction when I tried it out. And I think it would be a heinous crime to leave out the fact that it’s got an 8 - way thumb pad of its own, which is more than convenient when you are playing, for instance, in an open - world type of game setting. You can also see a nice, well - placed, light blue spider logo up at the top of this black keyboard / gamepad.

This product works with every version of Windows (even 7 and Vista, ha ha) as well as Mac OS X. So check out them apples! You could agree with dozens of other serious gamers around the world and call this item “beyond highly adept” for gaming functions. I would be right there with you, in agreement. It’s also got a nice palm rest, right there at its bottom --- how could I forget to mention that?

It’s an ergo palm rest, by the way, not just any palm rest. That means that it’s been ergonomically designed with your health and convenience in mind. Check it out!