Paper Mario: The Thousand - Year Door

Author : Efrain Silva

Paper Mario : The Thousand - Year Door rocked (and still does) the Nintendo Gamecube in many ways. But of course, like with any game out there, let’s be honest, you can always get mixed reviews. Some like it, and some don’t, to this very day (as they do with the actual Paper Mario series, which, I admit, I first thought was lame). Anyways, let’s review this game....

Paper Mario : The Thousand - Year Door came out in 2004 and was made by Intelligent Systems (which has also made other Paper Mario games since), under Nintendo as the parent maker and distributor, of course. Paper Mario : The Thousand - Year Door was the second in its series of Paper Mario game titles, coming out after the first Paper Mario for the N64 (remember those good ol’ days?). Turn - based battles, new art concepts, and much more have likewise carried themselves from the first game to this one, and that is one of the first things you can easily notice, even just by looking at the game’s art cover and design.

Besides seeing a bunch of nice colors together, and some characters, you get to really get that first feel of this game and what it will be like actually playing that. I remember enjoying that much, when I first picked up the game at Game Stop. I couldn’t wait to get home and pop it into my Gamecube. For most of the game, you’ll play as the beloved plumber, though you can also find yourself controlling Peach and Bowser, at certain points, which is pretty cool. Yes, Mario has to rescue Peach, once more (no surprise there)...but this time, it’s from the crazy X - Nauts.

Mario also must find the 7 Crystal Stars. More stars for Mario to go after? You betcha!

The following year, in 2005, this stupendous game won the Role Playing Game of the Year Award, and rightfully so. Critics went wild, myself included. Following such success, Nintendo even released another title just two years later, the 2007 Super Paper Mario (Wii console). This RPG series was really continuing to take off!

In Paper Mario : The Thousand - Year Door, anyways, I really like how Mario can fold himself up into a paper plane (remember those you used to draw in high school, to pass the time?) and fly himself around. He could easily glide across large gaps and do so much more, going where he had never gone before. This game took things to a whole new level, in many, many ways!

Also, the game takes place, like with many other Mario games, right inside the one and only Mushroom Kingdom. But more specifically, it happens inside a little town called Rogueport. And with nearby floating cities like Glitzville, this game really kept me entertained for hours and hours at a time. What more could I say? If you haven’t yet checked it out, do so as soon as you can!